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    Question need hosting 100GB storage, 300GB xfer/month, please recommend


    Cybercon are currently charging me $150 (USD) for 40GB bandwith usage, which is also $3.75 per GB

    Can anyone tell me if I am getting ripped off? Is there a cheaper solution than this out there? Surely there must be.

    I am looking at minimum 200GB bandwith per month and increasing!

    Thanks for any input


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    You should post this in the hosting request forum as its against the rules for ppl to make offers here. Have a Mod move it for you.

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    what kinda site you run that requires that much bandwidth?

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    100 gb storage?!

    Is this meant to be mb?

    Please respond

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    and 100 Gigs disk space? You need a ded server not a webhosting acct.

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    yeah it's dedicated sorry, i posted it in the other forum

    so nobody has any idea about bandwith pricing?


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    $3.75 seems a bit expensive to me, I think < $2.00 seems more reasonable.

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    yes, that's a bit over the deep end. I think you should definately consider a dedicated server as you can get so much more with your requirements and what you're paying.
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    You are going to use all your bandwidth just uploading your site

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    Originally posted by goodness0001
    You are going to use all your bandwidth just uploading your site
    Well, actually the 100gb could be accumulated over time. He might just want to be prepared before that actually happened.

    I got 40gb harddisk on my server and as of today, I am using less than 2gb of it.

    But having more is probably better than having less but then again, 100gb is seriously a lot of files. And 300gb bandwidth is like a turnover of 3 which is definitely pretty low. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    The price depend of what kind of bandwidth are they using, some BW charge 1.5-3 per GB if you don't buy in huge amounts.

    If they're paying $3 per GB they have to make a profit too
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