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    Seeking position

    I am currently seeking employment as a part time or full time junior system administrator using any BSD or any Linux in a production
    platform. I don't really mind tech support responsilites as long as I get to do administrator work as well. I have a strong securit
    y background and much performance tuning experience in regard to both platforms.

    I am familiar with most mail setups, including qmail, vpopmail, and qmailadmin that many providers employ. I am more than comfortable
    supporting any Maildir supported mail server.

    I have some experience with open source database systems, mostly MySQL and Postgres. I have done some rudimentary work with perl/DBI
    with Postgres, but I suspect my next job will have minimal development work.

    I'm good with DNS and am willing to learn new software if you do not use BIND. I have little trouble dealing with apache, mod_php and
    mod_vhost_alias. I have little experience with other stuff, such as dealing with weblogs, but I can more than make up for this by training myself.

    I am a quick learner with incredible loyalty to the people that pay me and show extreme dilligence and perseverence to accomplish goals. I come from a .edu background mostly, and did some support/admin work for Affordablehost until recently.

    If you would like a job history, resume or references, please email me at polgair<> or schemerz<> or PM on the board or on AIM as rpolgair. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested.


    B. K.
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