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    Review my site (Again) please.

    I took all your suggestions and redid my site. What do you think of it now?

    Thanks, Dan
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    Umm the hosting boxes at the bottom just dont match the site at all. THe text is totally diffrent. ALso the top wher ethe links are make them with out hte hyperlink lines under them and the blue look take it away. css will do this for ya.

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    Pretty much the same comments as last time. Your graphic font doesn't match, use Verdana or Arial, a sans serif font. Your bottom boxes don't all fit on one line, the last box is brought down to the next line. I see you did add a graphic to each of the sub-pages. It looks better that way, but you use the same picture for all of them. I would make each one different, or at least change the color tone on each of the areas (like you do on a couple). Also, I would add some padding to your cells in your hosting packages, too close to the lines ... maybe center the info.
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