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    Enquiries about enom account

    i was been made a subreseller account on enom, certain issue i would like to clarify as i am quite new hope you guys don't mind. Like.. if i credit money into my enom account, would it be possible for my main reseller just change my password and use the account for himself? and also, if i were to have few domains in my enom reseller account, would my main reseller be able to move the domain to his our account and blackmail me.. lol.. well i am quite new so i just would like to know about it.. thanks man

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    You are quite safe. The person who gave you your account cannot change your password [unless it is the one they gave you] or access your finances or contact details. They cannot move domains from your account.

    Change your password as soon as you have access, and tell no one what it is. If you ever need help from enom, they don't need it.

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    Felix is right. Your main reseller have no access to your account information and funding.

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    Although your parent reseller can change your pricing at any time...
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