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    Talking Narrowing my choices...

    I have narrowed my choices down to 3, based on what they offer and what I am looking for as stated in a previous threads:

    (***Drum Roll***)

    1. OneFusion
    2. TurboDNShosting
    3. HTTPme

    Now, I am looking for good points about each one and things that they may also lack as compared to their competitors in "Service ".

    I have a major concern for customer support/service, timeliness, and Uptime.

    Thanks in advance

    ......and another day of smiles emerges

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    Have you read Httpme's running user testimonials? His plans and support seems tough to beat.
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    I use ONEFusion currently - and so far, they're terrific. The support people are nice, friendly, and helpful. Problems were fixed quickly. Sites on their servers load up quickly - no problems.
    So far I'm happy

    TurboDNSHosting I've not had an experience with....they colocate in the Global Compass Data Centre ( The support reps I spoke to...were the same people both times. The rep didn't know how to spell properly....

    No idea for HTTPMe .

    Good luck..whichever you choose
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    Although he doesn't know it (this will freak him out now haha) I know from experience they are good

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    In what way is HTTPme good?

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    Thumbs up I've made up my mind :)

    I have review all my options that I put before "myself", and have decided on none of the above.

    I read a few of the post on various boards, while awaiting answers. I saw a lot of bickering among providers, and downright "attitude".

    I mainly needed hosting for non-profit and volunteering organizations. There are many out there unable to afford service, and or websites. I've donated plenty of my time to assist them in their endeavors. Therefore price was very important, but moreso customer service as I will need assistance getting things off to a good start.

    I decided on Alan Reid's service at . I didnt' read anything negatively wrote by him on the board in a harsh manner toward fellow users (not saying that there are some out there missed by me), and he was available to chat with me (one on one) and answer a lot of my questions.

    HTTPme was second runner up followed by OneFusion. I thank everyone for their valuable input in assisting me in my choice.


    ......and another day of smiles emerges

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    Good choice

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    Thanks Reseller for your comments

    ......and another day of smiles emerges

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