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Thread: Legal Question

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    Legal Question

    Where can I go to legaly file my company as a business? And which would be the best for a webhosting and design company to register under? Im thinking LLC...

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    I would think the answer would really depend on what part of the world you are in. If you are in the states, check to see what is required first from your local county gov't.

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    You may consider But I think getting a lawyers help is better.

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    Check out this thread--it will head you in a direction.
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    I will kindly assit anyone who wants to register their company, becuase i am SICK of people getting ripped off by these online companies and lawyers who charge them a grand to file 1 form.

    Do NOT use a lawyer. Do NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES use one of the lame online incorporation companies, they do you more harm then good.

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    I did LLC for a company I started with a friend. It's better than an INC because its just what it says - Limited Liability Corporation. If you get sued they cant take everything. They can still take a lot, but not all your assets.
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    Check Helped me out a lot when it came to the legal sides of things. Select your state (you are in the US?) and it'll list a bunch of links and stuff that may affect your business.

    I also think organization as an LLC would be the better choice.
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    Actually in terms of asset protection an "Inc" is the same as an "LLC". The difference between the two is the inside legal structure of the organizations.

    As for a previous post Ninji--you should be careful if you are holding yourself out as providing legal assistance to form corporations it can be construed as the "unauthorized practice of law" which you don't want to do. You could be guilty of this simply by telling someone which legal entity they should incorporate under and by providing them with assistance. Be careful...
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