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    sure makes all us web hosts look cut-throat.
    Nah, it just makes see eye host look like the scum that they are.

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    This is being discussed in a thread in the lounge:

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    The way that is worded on there - it uses fear tactics to keep customers....

    Note: If you move, you CAN NOT take your pre-installed scripts with you, you will lose your webmail, etc.

    Basicly, stay because there is no better out there..... How is this considered legit business, and how in the hell do they still have customers with this type of tactic? Or are all of thier customers just to afraid to leave?

    I like the statement, no other provider in the world can provide what CI does.... What a bunch of BS - I would venture to say that the 13 and 14 year olds on here have a happier customer base that is not retained in fear.....

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    Well that was a bad buisness move....They screwed theirselves over now didnt they.

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    What should happen to companies that dont pay their bills?

    Isnt that why they were shut down or did I miss something?
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    Originally posted by chico540
    What should happen to companies that dont pay their bills?

    Isnt that why they were shut down or did I miss something?
    That's what I'm asking. Obviously the official statement is ***** wasn't paid, but they're known for sneaky business practices and legal jargon in service contracts that could work in many directions. Did HostDept actually do something wrong or were they large enough that ***** decided to assimilate their client base and pulled a legal beagle?



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    According to the "memo" the host did not pay their bill.

    It would be nice to see a rebut to the memo by hostdepartment. I'd like to hear their side of the story, rather than BBS speculation.

    But, who really is getting screwed? For sure the clients are getting it in the rear end.

    In my opinion it seems like a waste of time and bad business to conjure up a scheme to steal clients. Looks as though they are trying to collect / recover a bad bebt to which they are entitled.

    Just a FYI - I have no bias toward either company.
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    Yeah I would really like to hear the rebut from hostdepartment.

    This is just one side of the story
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    Host Department sucks. That's my conclusion

    My Web site ( has been down for seven hours. (Strangely, though, is still up!) Trouble tickets are being ignored.

    With the migration from *****, I lost shell access. I need shell to do a good backup of a large mySQL database, and to configure scripts on the fly. When I asked about getting shell, three days later I got a broken English e-mail asking "why?"

    Programs that some scripts I use depend on, like ImageMagick, are now nowhere to be found. Without shell, I can't find a path to them. Since trouble tickets are now ignored, there's no way to find them. This renders the image gallery on my site unusable.

    A static IP now costs extra..

    A mySQL database larger than 50 megabytes now costs extra. Mine is 52 megs.

    I'll post the rebuttal messages I've been getting, but they still doesn't change my mind. Host Department went from allright to "like it's operated by an eight year old using a bank of Amiga 1000s" bad.

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    Date: 4 Oct 2002 00:33:40 -0000
    Message-ID: <1033691620.23945.blah>
    Delivered-To: Autoresponder
    To: (me)
    From: [email protected]
    Subject: CI

    This is an automated email message from our support department as an explanation of the scam email you have probably received from *****. Your support request are still being forwarded to our support staff and we will respond to it immediately.

    Yeah ... right! :rollseyes:

    !***** SCAM WARNING!

    Existing clients:
    if you are getting an email from *****, they are trying to scam you! We have no relations whatsoever with *****. You should ignore their email message. Our legal department are preparing the paperwork to press charges against Creative Innovations, Inc. (*****) for all the scam emails they have sent to our clients.

    More about ***** scamming from outsiders:
    Reviews from scammed clients:

    More reports of scammed clients:

    ***** is blacklisted by Hosting Assured for their SCAM:

    Your account has been FULLY restored with Host Department. We have all your web, mail, and database stored on your new account under our new Hosting Control System. Do not be tricked by *****, they are trying to take advantage of our whole migration procedure to get an easy and fast client base.

    If you already signed up with them, you can cancel your order with them before its too late! To switch back, simply update
    your name servers BACK to

    We will simply credit all the payments you have made to ***** to your new hosting account balance, because we know that ***** would never give back your money.

    Better yet, go with Pair, 100 Megs, or some other halfway decent hosting service.

    To see if your account really exists, you can login to our new HCS and browse your website from there. To login to our new HCS go to:

    If your current login does not work, try truncating your username to a maximum of 20 characters. For example if your domain name is, then your username will be haynesmemorialenterp. Also if your domain name starts with a number, like, then your username will be zero-cost-gifts, change THE FIRST digit to a word, i.e: 45 to fourty5.

    Your password remains the same as before, if it is more than 12 characters, truncate it to a maximum of 12 characters.

    If you are still experiencing any problems logging in to the new control panel, please direct your problem to [email protected] stating your domain name and your complete personal details, and we will remedy the problem for you immediately.

    "Immediately" = we'll look at your e-mail in three or four days

    All emails directed to your domain will be stored at your catch all mailbox: [email protected]
    To login to your mailbox, use the following information:

    Username: [email protected] and NOT just yourdomain
    Password: your current control panel password

    Your FTP username is NOT the same as your HCS username. To find out your FTP username, once logged in to the HCS, on the Statistics part you will see:
    FTP Login yourusername (It might be truncated, if your HCS login is mydomainusername, your FTP login might be mydomai)
    Thank you for your cooperation in this matter, and please accept our apology for the inconveniences.

    An apology for several days where my Web site was unavailable, the many hours I'm going to spend to fix it, and my frustration at the complete lack of technical support doesn't quite cut it, Bucky.

    Host Department Legal Department

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    Dont even get me started on them. We could talk for days about how bad they suck. Well, actually we cant talk about how bad they suck, or at least I cant talk about how much they suck. I am under court order not to talk. Opps. I talked anyway. Damn, I hate it when things like that slip out.

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    Someone should make a web site to warn customers

    We all know cihost is a terrible company, so why not make a site to warn customers about them? I looked up, but apparently it was bought in October 99, and is pointed to their nameservers. Hmmm...

    But fear not, there are plently of other good domains available...such as:

    The site should then be hosted in one of those foreign countries like warez sites sometimes do so they cannot be sued by anyone.

    What do you think, too over the top? Also, I only did the around censorship trick to show people the site names. Feel free to edit if this is not acceptable.

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    Trouble tickets are being ignored. This is post-migration Host Department here, which doesn't have anything to do with C I Host.

    A Web hosting package with no shell, no scripts, and no support is no Web hosting package. Somebody start, please ...

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    Here's the scoop...

    Okay... I have done many hours of my own research as to what is going on.

    All talk aside of what everyone else thinks of them (I am a **** newbie, having never heard of them before all this)... I have only been with them for a day, so one of these days I may have to move on. But for now, bear with me. I'm not trying to get into an argument over who is better, I'm literally just posting what I know.

    There is no telephone number for hostdepartment. All emails I have sent, both polite and nasty, from the online form to all the links I could find on their site, I have yet to hear back from one. I did not even get the counter-email many people did.

    Hostdepartment in a matter of days, found a new backbone provider and soon if you did a WHOIS lookup, they switched to a new provider. And guess what? They logged into my domain account and changed my domain over to them also. I believe this is called slamming, and it's also illegal.

    I had to call the registrar that Hostdepartment is using, and have them set up a 'temporary password' so I could get into my OWN domain name, change the DNS, and then change the password. Unbelievable!

    The people at **** HAVE a solid telephone number on their website, and someone actually answers it. That was kind of a nice treat in a world of crappy customer service.

    So anyway, those are the facts that I know. :-)

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    CIHos (no again!)
    Host Dept (paid your bill man!)

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    * This letter tops 'em all!

    The latest e-mail, this one from C I Host

    Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2002 15:45:21 -0500
    Message-Id: <[email protected]>
    From: ***** Migration Department <migration@*****.com>
    To: (me)

    ***** would like to apologize for all of the problems you have went through in the last 5 days with one of our resellers, We had no choice but to deactivate all accounts after Jimmy Rianto Tanzil, CEO failed to make a $60,000 payment on his account. Yes, we understand you paid him, but he kept the money and did not send in proper payments to us. He was 5 months behind on his account. While the situation could not have been avoided, it could happen again if their CEO once again decides to steal your money and not pay DialTone Internet for the dedicated server charges incurred by to host your account.

    Please note that DOES NOT have a technical support phone number because they are located outside of the United States and ran from their CEO’s home.

    HostDepartment.Com Ltd
    International HQ ([email protected])
    FAX- +64 9 4147499
    17/92 Bush Rd
    Auckland, 1311

    We hosted all of their infrastructure (and your account) here in Bedford, Texas, in our $20 million data center.

    Because of the strain this has put on your business, we are matching the $6.95/month prices offered 90% of its clients and are matching ANY other price you are paying to for services. NEVER AGAIN will ***** offer such low prices for hosting? You can get access to a $20 Million data center, 24x7 toll free support, a United States
    based company with 175,000 clients for less than you are paying for a second-rate, home-grown hosting company in New Zealand, ran by a thief and a crook who already stole your money once and can do it again any day. If he does not pay DialTone Internet, the same thing will happen to you again -
    your sites will disappear.

    Because Mr. Rianto tried to migrate all of the accounts to his new dedicated server during the de-activation process the majority of his account did not get their web content or email moved. We are holding on to that web content and email from each web site until we hear back from the site owners.

    We have YOUR content and YOUR email stored on the old web servers.

    The features that are installed on your account that you have become accustomed to you using including: MonsterControls, TicketMonster, Live Support Chat, 24x7 Toll Free Support and Dual OC-12 fiber optic connections and a world-class data center are ALL owned and operated by *****, NOT Mr. Rianto has NEVER done technical support for any of his clients, so he knows nothing of it.

    While it’s your choice to stay with or move to *****, we are willing to help you in any manner possible to make that decision.

    Would you trust YOUR business to a foreign company that does not pay its bills to its vendors? Would you trust your business to a person who knows nothing about technical support and who leases a dedicated server from DialTone Internet to run his web hosting business off of? Would you trust your business to a company NOT governed by the laws of the United States and
    posts no phone numbers for you to contact him at or speak to him directly at?

    If you wish to re-activate your account with *****, please do so my calling a customer care representative at 888-868-9931 ext 4, or by visiting https://www.*****.com/ zone=account/migrate

    Your account will be re-activated within 10 minutes of confirmation of payment.

    Remember, you are the victim here. ***** just wants your business to get restored and back online. Ask for pictures of their data center, see what they say? Ours are always online for your viewing pleasure - http://www.*****.com/?zone=corporate...our_facilities

    You will need to contact your domain name registrar to have your domain name SWITCHED to our network and LOCKED so Mr. Rianto cannot keep illegally changing your information. You paid for the domain name and you own it. Mr. Rianto is logging in without your authority and changing your information.

    Our network information is


    This will be our last email and correspondence on this matter. It’s your decision and it’s your business, you make the decision that best suits your needs.

    Best regards,

    ***** Migration Team




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    ***** would like to apologize for all of the problems you have went through in the last 5 days with one of our resellers, We had no choice but to deactivate all accounts after Jimmy Rianto Tanzil, CEO failed to make a $60,000 payment on his account. Yes, we understand you paid him, but he kept the money and did not send in proper payments to us. He was 5 months behind on his account. While the situation could not have been avoided, it could happen again if their CEO once again decides to steal your money and not pay DialTone Internet for the dedicated server charges incurred by to host your account.
    This is all too typical of the kind of crap that see eye host seems to like to pull. I don't believe a word of it.

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    Like I suggested earlier.


    There are two sides to every story. Then there is the truth.

    Either way- the customers got screwed.
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    This is not in defense of anyone here because I personally don't know anything about either of these companies...this is just an observation.

    It's really hard for me to believe that anyone could run up a 60,000.00 hosting bill while working "out of his home"?

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    Please tell me I am not the only one here thinking, "Whatever happened to CI's Privacy Policy?"

    Every reputable host I've worked with would not release a customer's address and heaven knows, a customer's financial information, to unrelated (meaning, family relation) third parties! Past due, shut down, whatever, doesn't matter!... I am just speechless. The only people that kind of information is ever shared with is lawyers, collections agents and legal authorities.

    As well the tone of *****'s e-mails really bothers me, too. I don't agree with HostDepartment, not in the least bit! I am suspicious of everyone involved on this one without more info, but:
    it could happen again if their CEO once again decides to steal your money and not pay DialTone Internet... <snip> Would you trust YOUR business to a foreign company that does not pay its bills to its vendors? Would you trust your business to a person who knows nothing about technical support and who leases a dedicated server from DialTone Internet to run his web hosting business off of?
    I believe this is libelous? Or slanderous? (Someone here will jump in and correct me, I know, please go for it)

    (a) what court of law has convicted anybody of theft, that "stealing" is the choice of words?
    (b) I assume CI did a credit check to know that this company "does not pay its bills to its vendors" because I see only one vendor being discussed and I see no proof other than a he said/he said that this money is legitimately owed;
    (c) "a person who knows nothing about technical support and who leases a dedicated server from DialTone Internet" uhhhh... says who? I see, they are great friends so this person from CI knows exactly this fellow's training and experience?! Furthermore, unless you have your own data center, you don't know anything? Tell me why, then, CI "techs" were incapable of providing basic "technical support" to save their souls, when I hosted with them, in that $20 million data center. Is this the pot calling the kettle black, or what?!

    I am not saying HostDepartment is in the right or in the wrong, just sum it up to say, I wouldn't touch either company with a 10-foot pole. The lack of grace and maturity in the CI e-mails show me that not a whit has changed since I was with them a few years ago. As for HostDepartment... OK, $60,000 is a lot of money, and I can see how in 5 months time a bill that size could be racked up with ***** (hey, I got charged $900 illegitimately by them in 4 months time, and I just had one site) and maybe a part of it is legitimate, and maybe not. However anybody dense enough to go with ***** from the start, with all the warnings and anti-CI info out there... I won't go so far as to say they deserve what they get, but surely it is not asking a lot of people to do a little research on a company before doing business with them. I mean, let's start with their Better Business Bureau record...

    It's funny, when this thread started, I thought "the guy didn't pay his bill, yeah, a reseller's operation gets shut down when they don't pay." I didn't see a big issue in that. But when I see the level of "communication" that CI has come out with, and read HD customer complaints in the post-migration period, I can't say that I am impressed with either company.

    Very, very unfortunate. All I can hope is that hosting clients will realize that not all hosting operations are run this way and that they do have a right to expect decent, personal and prompt support from their host.


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    Very good post...

    Nice Bailey!
    (and LOVE your signature, by the way.. from one female geek to another.

    I liked your post, nice and objective. I'm sort of learning as I go... about both business processes in general, and web hosting companies.

    It's tough... to try to piece together *who* to believe. I did see the BBB enty for *****. And that did make me question it. But, I did get good service so far (hey, it's only been a few days, so anything's possible.)

    So I'm keeping my options open. I think it all comes down to what a person's current needs are. I have a personal site. If my business depended on it, I think I'd splurge for a little more than $5/month. It would be a write off anyway.

    But I just have a little site up with some code samples and a message forum, so I dont' have the $$$ to pay big bucks for hosting.

    I just think it's a sad day when ANY company, regardless of who they are, gives out crappy customer service (or nonexistant, for that matter) and people say, "well what did you expect?" At least that's the reaction I've gotten from other places. Not here though.

    I don't care if I get burned, or anyone for that matter. All I'm saying is that if a company says they will offer you something, they should deliver. As soon as they stop delivering, I will take action (as I have done...). I have a hard work ethic, and it just is so sad when people come to expect crappy service as the norm.

    Can you tell I'm an optimist?
    At any rate, this is a great discussion, guys and gals. Thanks a bundle, I am learning a lot and trying to stay objective (Sgt. Friday - "just the facts, ma'am").

    Cheers all,

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    Have to agree with baileysemt123 on that one. That email is goes far beyond what should have been emailed. - Where professionals discuss web hosting.

    • Chicken

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    Lightbulb HostDepartment and *****, who's the bad guy?

    Hi guys! Well I didn't know we were discussed here? Here is our side of the story... you can belive it or not, its up to you.

    We started HostDepartment.Com as a ***** Reseller, by getting their PIR Reseller account which was quite good actualy. If you checked their web site, you will see that their PIR Reseller includes a technical support service which is staffed by ***** tech support personnels.

    Let me cut the story to a short one, in short we become quite big, hosting over than 5,000 paid web hosting clients and over than 100,000 of free hosting clients at in just about seven or eight months time. This was achieved because our site was listed on top of Yahoo, AltaVista, and Lycoos Network, when you search for a term "web hosting", "web hosting services" or "free web hosting". We were once #2 on those sites for about a month and somewhere in the top 5 for several months.

    I guess, we got waaay to BIG for *****. I don't know how they *think*, instead of supporting us to grow big together and become partners, out of the blue I received an invoice from ***** billing department, saying that I owe around $60,000 dollars for ***** services. I was confused, what was that for? We ALWAYS pays our bills for all of our eleven dedicated servers we had with them. Never late, even when they charge us for traffic overages for over $3,000 for a traffic used by a client domain, which did not really occur, I still pay them out and did not complain, because we already know ***** way to long and already know their system way too deep. In short we quite liked their servers and get used to their hosting system.

    Then I asked their so called C E O, Christopher Faulkner, what those charges are all about. Apperantly he did not respond, he responded to me quite many times in the past and quite fast, saying we would be good partners, etc. But how come he did not respond this time? Strange huh?

    Then I got an email back from his so called Billing Department... stating that the invoces are for their technical support services, you know what? They charge $6 per month PER DOMAIN for all the domains which was hosted on my dedicated servers with them. That is no where on our contract, because we will never go with ***** if we knew they charge those fees, why would we charge only $5/Month if we know they charge $6/Month for their TECHNICAL SUPPORT only?

    And that is not all, they charged their support fees for the six months of support services THEY ALREADY PREFORMED! Now how does that make any sense??? That is just a simple way to say "I'll take all your clients from now on, thanks but please f**k off now"

    Well, they can do that because they know that I am not in the US and I will not be able to press charges or sue them for this. But thats the fact, we can't do anything beside trying to think a way out of this. Now who is the bad guy?

    If you were me/us, what would you do? Just sit there and see all your hardwork and effort taken away by this Christopher Fu*k-ner who want's an easy client base? I couldn't do that.

    So in short, I pissed him off, I said I was going to pay but it will take a while but I transfered all my servers to Dialtone instead. So does that make me a criminal compared to what he has done to us?? He belived me, and gave me time, why?? Because I ALWAYS PAID those scum bags!

    Now, all services are restored with Dialtone. I do not intend to get back (take a revenge or something) to him or ***** about this, since I know a man who runs their business like that won't lasts long. Either the people who will take him down, or the man up stairs Himself that will take him and his entire business down.

    I know their holes, I've been there configuring our own automated hosting account creation system, I can take them down if I want, or at least make them suffer. But, I won't, we are not that kind of low moral individuals as they are or as Chirs Fu*k-ner is!

    While I am posting this message, I would also like to apologize to all our clients who are reading this message. Please accept our apology, I was very short of staff and personnels, so it took us a while to gather our own personells and staff, we simply could not handle to respond each individual complains from all 5,000 of you.

    But we are in the process of refunding ALL refund requests, it will take a while, but the money is all there and we will give it back to you if you requested it. You can check this directly via PayPal and 2CheckOut, if we are cooperating with all the refund requests or not.

    Also we have enough personnels now, we have several sales personnels, several tech support personnels, billing personnels, and offcourse I will be running marketing and as an admin who will have all access to all servers. I am a sysadmin, not as ***** stated that I know nothing about computer, heh?! We will be opening a TOLL FREE sales support center in November, and our 24/7 Live Chat support are already operational now. We also will be launching our brand new site on November. We were going to launch it on October untill we got this problem with *****. But we survived, because we got help from the Big Guy

    For you ***** personnels (who knows the facts and still go with this) and Christopher Faulkner... well, God have mercy on you! I hope you can repent and confess your sins to all the persons you have done wrong to, someday. That is all I can say to you and this one... "What you sow is what you reap...."

    Thank you for your time reading this. I appreciate it.

    If you have any critics for us good or bad, please send it to [email protected]. I'll be happy to read them.

    Best regards,
    Jimmy Rianto
    HostDepartment.Com Ltd.

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    ***** is C-I-H-O-S-T

    hey how come the word C_I_H_O_S_T is forbidden here? all the ***** in my post was that word... are they that bad?! Why can't I know this before... well...

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    The Judge's Ruling

    Obviously, none of us are judges here or can rule on the dispute. However, in reviewing this thread, the issue comes down to credibility. And the CI's from Bedford have none. They care not about legal confrontations because Chris's mother is an attorney. They have found a path to financial success with their business. Promote like hell, provide little, churn, and charge extras all you can. Furthermore, the information they have released in their letter is unexcusable and, if hostdepartment was in the U. S., could certainly be cause for litigation. Do you believe they would have allowed the charges to build to $60,000? Of course not. Is this the first time they have been accused of hidden charges? Of course not. Now could there have been communication problems? Yes....could hostdepartment have made a mistake or overlooked something? Yes....but, on the whole, the preponderance of information seems to lean toward this being just one more Faulkner scheme. Of course, if SMU had provided the education they were supposed to, he would be a rich doctor now....ah...but that suit was long ago.....

    On the other hand, looking at this and other threads, the representations by hostdepartment do not look to be completely true either. They first said they had no relationship with CI, then described the relationship. So, frankly, I would run from both them and CI, just a little faster from CI.

    I guess Timmah, Brandon, and Landon have set Chris as their model and hope to be him when they grow up. They certainly have a good start, but they will have to think a lot bigger to reach such a status.
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    ***** - I can't comment. I am under a 1999 gag order not to say anything about them. Opps.

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    Speaking of which, whose the person who called me not so long ago and talked to me about these jerks and getting that gag order pitched out. I lost the attornies information this person sent, and I found the documents that the guy said I would need the other day while pilfering around in my storage unit.

    If you're still out there (you found me on this forum) please PM the contact info for the lawyer again.

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