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    Attempting to enter the "support" market


    We have been building an outsourced help desk for ISPs for some time and we would like to expand into the "web hosting" arena. I feel we have some really good prices, good systems (able to brand, custom queue, custom real time stats, nice knowledge base to work off of, good at training techs, etc), and quite a bit of knowledge after working with a few choice hosting companies to get a feel for what hosting companies want. (As well as make those beginning mistakes)

    Now please don't tell me that the hosting industry is a bad move, hard to be a support outsourcing company, etc. I already know that!

    What I am looking for is tips and/or best practices to get into the industry. On the ISP side we use a lot of testimonials, word of mouth, forum sponsorship, and ezine sponsorship.

    So what can I do to make hosting companies want to outsource their tech support to us?

    Note: Don't bother looking at our web site, we have not built a hosting outsourced support web site yet, I am trying to figure out what to put on it.


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    Well you could start by putting together an analysis that hosts would understand that shows how outsourcing their support will cost less than them doing it themselves and also that it can be done just as well. I would also suggest cutting the first say 5 companies to sign up a great deal, maybe even giving a few months free or something to get their testimonials. I think once people see that other hosts are outsourcing and that its working, you would be a lot more likely to see a bunch of sign ups.
    Jordan Bouvier

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