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    Post Just the facts Please

    Ok since my last thread I have learned alot about being a hosting company and think
    "damn these guys do a lot!"
    I am up to the challenge but still find one thing confusing.. control panels.
    I dont want to beat a tired topic here everyday, but I decided to buy a dedicated machine and was offered these choices

    Current Plesk
    Current Enism
    Current Red Hat
    Raq 4i

    So this is still confusing to me..

    I dont care about auto billing as I could do that myself.. however I would like for the panel to do this for me since I am still new to this and only want to provide the easiest hosting for my design clients.

    If you knew say NOTHING about servers or apache, perl, mysql, etc who would be the easiest?

    I dont need auto billing, but need the panel to automatically set up all the files and space (ftp, ssh/telnet, email, mysql, etc for the client. I also need a panel that will give me the most for the money if possible (like self installing perl, apache, mysql, mail) on my server for me when i get the panel.

    I see alot of panles do this, but for a novice that knows enough to get himself in trouble, what is the best bang for the buck on panels.. I love Hsphere as i use it on a vertial server for personal uses...but dont know alot of its admin features.

    How is plesk and enism? I heard redhat would be too hard for me to learn at my stage right now. I just started looking at RaQ 4i and this seems like a option but i dont know..

    Any help

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    From my experience helping out people with dedicated servers, you really cannot beat CPanel. A basic install will give you all of your required packages. The CP auto-updates all of your RPM packages (except kernel, apache, and php) and when you setup an account it will do everything for you (ie.. setting up ftp/ssh/etc logins).

    The downside(s) is that it does not come with integrated billing and it can be quite expensive depending on where your server is located. However, you can always get a program such as modernbill to do your billing, and possibly find a cheap external license on these forums...

    Really, any control panel will have most of the features that you will need to use on a day to day basis. However, my biggest and most important suggestion to you is to make sure that your provider knows what they are doing and can help you out when something goes wrong. (NOTE: not IF something goes wrong... WHEN it goes wrong, because it will).

    You may also want to make sure your provider can help you upgrade your kernel and do various other sys admin tasks. You may want to ask how much they charge for these types of services.

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    First, "Red Hat" is not a control panel but a OS flavour of Linux. OS = operating system.
    Second, I think Cpanel will give you the most features and easy administration, but there will come a time when you will need to do things at the OS level.

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    i knew redhat was the os, but i heard that a plain box could do the same except you have to pretty much babysit it and put all the information yourself....

    Thanks for the info though on Cpanel!

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    A lot depends on your budget and your knowledge of Linux.

    If you are able to afford Cpanel is probably the best to start with.

    H-Sphere is excellent, but might be overkill

    RAQs are fine when you are starting out, but a real pain to keep updated

    RedHat is good, but you would need to install Webmin or similar to make your life a little easier.
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    PLESK is really stable and will rarely break... if you are a newbie I suggest you go with that.
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    New Like Me - C-Panel

    we're really new - For Control Panel, I'd go with C-Panel and save yourself some money over Plesk (although it's a good system).

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    Plesk all the way, and if you can buy your own license rather than continually pay a monthly fee renting one, it would be your best bet. We have 3 servers with PSA 5.0.2 and have not had one instance of downtime since we begain using it (in January 2002). Before that, we used Sphera which has a lot of security issues.


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