Hi, I'm looking for a support job with a host that has a good reputation, I have a years experience with Plesk, but if you use Cpanel/Ensim it doesn't matter because I will pick it up very quickly.

I can answer emails, tickets, MSN/AIM, or on a forum.

I am competent in php, mysql, html, ftp, and can install scripts. I have good English skills and I am online about 50 hours a week,

(In GMT)

Mondays, 5pm-10pm
Tuesdays, 5pm-10pm
Wednesdays, 10am-10pm
Thursdays, 5pm-10pm
Fridays, 10am-10pm
Saturdays, on and off, about 5 hours in total
Sundays, on and off, about 5 hours in total

Times may change but it will be something like that.

I don't mind doing a trial so you can test me out for a week or so.

Email me or PM to discuss further.