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    Question php freelence advice

    I'm looking for practical advice from the folks in this forum on ways for finding real paying prof. php freelance development work.

    Specifically I'm looking for advice on finding work in one's own community and not necessarily from forums like this one.


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    Most active PHP developers I know dont like to talk to the customer, they just want to know what to do, so from my perspective find an active front end designer, that contracts with several PHP programmers and gain some quotes

    This is what you should expect.

    The front end designer should be very clear what you want, willing to mock up the "Ideas" you have in basic html, then show it to the php programmer. He will then put "Logic" to it, and if he is worth his weight, he will correct, simplify, and advise.

    Then quote.

    Local programmers are really no different, you either luck out and know an experienced programmer, or you go through an ISP, which is the same anyway.
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