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    I had hosted my site( at in Feb 2001. I am having problems since. First they deleted my files and assigned the ip to another company , then i start receiving emails of other sites that are hosted on frontserve then my emails were routed to somewhere else and now i cant connect to my database.

    You can check it your self. Go to enter T453om as password and see what happens.

    I am looking for another host. My requirement is CF 4.5.1, SQL Server and atleast 300 MB space with 7GB+ bandwith, (including 150MB for database) .. any suggestions.

    I have checked out, powersurge, media3 and but am confused. I will be operating this site from Pakistan with an estimated 2000 daily users (its a job site) so download speed also matters. Please help

    You can also IM me on yahoo messenger - my handle is kashaziz

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    I haven't had any personal experience with them, but I did find

    They may or may not be what you are looking for.



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    I would strongly advise against using

    They overload their server's, it is impossible to get to someone who knows cold fusion, and their DSN people dont know squat.

    I used to do support for them on the 2nd level... this is not a good place to run cold fusion..

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    My partner and I just got a coldfusion hosting account with, and I've never been so pleased with web hosting results. The account was setup quickly, the server is fast with good bandwidth, and has great connectivity. I was talking to them yesterday about getting banmanpro (ad management system) setup, and how I needed to upgrade to get the SQL server. They upgraded me in minutes, and installed banmanpro for me for free! They also told that they are upgrading their bandwidth. I promise you I don't work for them, I'm just a very pleased customer.

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