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    No Virus but it says virus

    Allright I'm using two anti-virus software programs. AVG and Norton. I currently only had AVG installed and it kept popping up saying

    Joke program Only_Game

    is found in file
    F:\System Volume Information\_restore{1DF62D10-99A8-4060-94D7-7

    To remove this virus, please run AVG for Windows.
    I ran AVG anti virus and scanned nothing showed. Then I installed Norton and nothing showed. But I still keep getting a pop up for this file. How can I go about finding and deleting this file? And or better yet should I delete this file?

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    What you can do is, uninstall AVG and get another antivirus program like AVP to check it out. - Low cost multi domain hosting solutions. [Legal adult content friendly]
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    The problem is the "_restore" directory. Turn off system restore, scan, remove virus, re-enable system restore. Windows doesn't like people or programs playing around in that directory.
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