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    Script to run a unix command via browser?

    I need to run a few unix commands via my browser.. does anyone have a script that allows this?

    Specifically, I need to kill a runaway process when they occur and I don't always have access to SSH. I'd love a script that could give me a simple text box where I can type something like "kill [pid]", press submit and the results are displayed in another box/frame/iframe.

    I don't need to worry about user permissions, because the runaway processes are always be the same user as the one I would run the "command" script from.


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    Hrm, this is a pretty big security risk any way you look at it.

    Offhand, I think CPanel and Linuxconf (running over the web) have these options. I think CPanel uses an SSH client that runs as a Java applet. Maybe this functionality can be found outside of CPanel.
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    You might want to install webmin on the box. You can kill processes via webmin and you can setup webmin to connect via a https interface.

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