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    Experiences with

    Any experiences with

    (I've already searched the forum and found very little about them)


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    I heard that they are good.
    I like to help

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    They were my very first host a few years ago and I loved them. Great support, very fast, an overall wonderful host. Unless they've gone downhill since I was there, there are no complaints from me. It should be relatively easy to find reviews and feedback on them though.

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    A couple of the staff such as Travis are on the cpanel forums and he has always been one of the main contributers on there. Extremely friendly, helpfull, overall nice guy. I wouldnt have any hesitations in recommending him simply off his help over there helping the community out.

    Seem like a great company. Although not a customer as such, they seem to have their heads screwed on.

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    Honest Company. Good UNIX hosting product.

    No Control Panels for the Windows products yet. (They only have an email panel at the moment.)


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    If I am not mistaken, powersurge is the parent company of fastserver, so review/experience on fastserver may also be applicable to powersurge. You may want to adjust your search accordingly.


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    I was a client of and would recommend them highly unless things have drastically changed since I was with them which is about 2 years now.

    If I hadn't out grown the plan I was on, I'd still be with them.

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    Moving from RackShack to (PowerSurge) was the best thing we could have ever done. The data center connectivity through is astounding, and customers have nothing but good things to say about the speeds.

    Their support team has gone above and beyond in all aspects relating to technical support, deploying our server farm in a quick and timely manner, and working through cpanel issues with us have reaffirmed that it was in fact a great decision.

    Highly recommended.
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