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    Exclamation Reseller Plan $0 startup. free main account

    LenZ MultiMedia Pay Per Plan Reseller Limited Offer.

    LenZ MultiMedia is offering WHT members the opportunity to start their own web hosting business for a $0.00 outlay. You get a free hosting account and the ability to resell all the plans listed below.

    This offer is limited to the first five (5) signups only!

    What you get:

    1 main account (you must have a domain) consisting of:
    50MB space
    1GB bandwidth/month
    5 mySQL db
    5 subdomains
    5 email
    5 ftp accounts
    php 4.2.3, cgi, etc, etc
    Use of anon nameservers.

    Plans you can resell:

    50 MB Storage Space
    1 GB Bandwidth
    1 mySQL db
    5 POP3 Email accounts
    5 FTP Accounts
    5 Subdomains

    Reseller Price $1.95/m

    100 MB Storage Space
    2GB Bandwidth
    2mySQL db
    10 POP3 Email accounts
    10 FTP Accounts
    10 Subdomains

    Reseller Price $2.95/m

    200 MB Storage Space
    5GB Bandwidth
    5mySQL db
    50 POP3 Email accounts
    50 FTP Accounts
    50 Subdomains

    Reseller Price $3.95/m

    350 MB Storage Space
    10GB Bandwidth
    10mySQL db
    100 POP3 Email accounts
    100 FTP Accounts
    100 Subdomains

    Reseller Price $4.95/m

    500 MB Storage Space
    15GB Bandwidth
    15mySQL db
    150 POP3 Email accounts
    150 FTP Accounts
    150 Subdomains

    Reseller Price $6.95/m

    1000 MB Storage Space
    20GB Bandwidth
    20mySQL db
    250 POP3 Email accounts
    250 FTP Accounts
    250 Subdomains

    Reseller Price $9.95/m

    2500 MB Storage Space
    25GB Bandwidth
    25mySQL db
    500 POP3 Email accounts
    500 FTP Accounts
    500 Subdomains

    Reseller Price $13.95/m

    3000 MB Storage Space
    30GB Bandwidth
    30mySQL db
    750 POP3 Email accounts
    750 FTP Accounts
    750 Subdomains

    Reseller Price $16.95/m

    5000 MB Storage Space
    50GB Bandwidth
    50mySQL db
    Unlimited POP3 Email accounts
    Unlimited FTP Accounts
    Unlimited Subdomains

    Reseller Price $29.95/m

    How it works:
    You need a domain name for your main account. You pay zero dollars up front. At the end of the month we come along and tally up all the accounts you have resold and send you the bill at the reseller rates, you can charge your customers what ever price you see fit. You do not get charged for your main account. You must be able to pay via credit card or Paypal. We do not accept cheques/money orders for this offer.

    What’s the catch?

    This is a genuine limited offer. It is designed to meet the needs of people who are wishing to get a start in the web hosting business. The catch is if you need to resell at least 1 account in the first three (3) months. You must follow the LenZ Multimedia Terms of Service agreement. Basically no warez, illegal mp3s, adult material or spam. Full details can be found on our website.

    How do I get it?


    Listing your details and a brief descpition of why you like to be a reseller.

    Thats it!!!

    Please note this is limited to five (5) accounts only
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    Thanks to all that submitted an application.

    your accounts will be activated shortly

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    so this offer is GONE for ever or what ?

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    Re: Reseller Plan $0 startup. free main account

    Originally posted by dRiver


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    Re: Reseller Plan $0 startup. free main account

    Originally posted by dRiver
    ALL GONE with the wind

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    Yep 4 of the 5 accounts have been activated, still waiting for one for some clarification on a domain.

    So you never know if there is no reply I will readvertise.

    The above is our standard offering with the exception of the free main account and waived set up fee

    full details can be found here:
    LenZ MultiMedia Reseller Page

    or you could contact me via an IM in the sig to organize somthing

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    Re: Reseller Plan $0 startup. free main account

    Originally posted by dRiver

    Use of anon nameservers.
    What does that mean??

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