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    Any good non-US host companies?

    My site has been taken down by the host, LOD Communications of Connecticut, on the advice of US Customs, who took the view that half a dozen photographs (illustrating the use of corporal punishment in actual historical situations) constituted "child pornography", despite the fact that these pictures came from absolutely mainstream respectable media sources.

    My site is actually nothing whatever to do with child pornography or any other kind of pornography, it is a perfectly respectable factual resource about corporal punishment in real life. It is NOT AN ADULT SITE as there is nothing sexual in it.

    I need a hosting company which is not going to cave in to pressure from one malicious crackpot (which is how the trouble started) or to half-baked suggestions from government authorities who have not done their homework.

    The company should also be one which would at least discuss any problem with me before taking unilateral action.

    I'm thinking I need a company in Europe or Asia, as it has become apparent that the US First Amendment commitment to free speech only applies to those who can afford expensive lawyers.

    Looking at the "terms and conditions" of a number of US companies, they all have wording which allows them to construe whatever they like as "adult" or "pornography" so they are all going to delete me as soon as somebody decides to misunderstand the purpose of my website.

    Can anyone recommend a company outside the US?

    Although my site is down, you can still see it by typing in "corpun" at google and clicking on "cached".


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    do you want the company based in the uk or do you want uk servers, purple-paw are good, they are a UK company but their servers are in the US
    i know voxtreme are non US but im not sure about their servers.

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    Its proberly best to seek servers outside of the US so they dont fall under the US state law. Maybe try the Netherlands, as they are quite open about thses things.

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    non-US web hosting

    Thanks to those who replied. I think outside the English-speaking world is probably best - a bit less hysterical. I'm now looking at one company in Cyprus and one in Netherlands.


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    For the UK and Germany, respectively.


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