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    * Super Special Celebration Offer


    synergymax is celebrating commencing operations by offering 3 free shared webhosting accounts for three months.

    No billing information will be taken, if you wish to continue with the plan at the end of the three months billing information will be taken then.

    3 Shared Webhosting Accounts

    400MB HDD
    5GB Monthly Transfer
    1 Domain / 10 SubDomains
    Shared Hosting
    30 POP3 Accounts
    10 MySQL Databases
    Cpanel v5

    Normal Monthly Price is $8.95 / $85 per annum.

    Please email me with all your details including domain name, offsite email, your full-name and address (I will not host people I do not know the details for spammers etc) and your required password.

    synergymax providers quality webhosting and I wish to establish a strong presence on these forums, I would appreciate if people who are supplied these accounts provider feedback on this forum (positive or negative as the case may be)

    You must also agree to the Terms of Service and Acceptable Usage Policy.

    Feel free to test the synergymax speed with our test file URL

    IP to ping

    Matt Pearce
    [email protected]
    'integrated e-solutions tailored to your needs'
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    3 Gone

    Thanks to everyone for their enquiries.

    The three accounts which were available are now gone.
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    Matt Pearce
    'integrated e-solutions tailored to your needs'

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