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    Cpanel license and possibly support

    Hi there. Looking to buy/lease a CPanel license - obviously cost is an issue, so looking for a good price. Support is also an issue - I would like pricing for the following:

    1) emergency support if something goes wrong with CPanel which has happened in the past!

    2) General maintenance support - (few hours a month ?)

    Be interested in hearing from anyone who is an expert in Cpanel.


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    Are you after the latest version, cpanel 5.0, cpanel 4.0, etc. what version are you after?
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    Whatever, can you provide it? if not then stop posting in every thread . The license allows you to update to the latest version.

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    latest version needed

    Preferably after the latest version - I think it's self-updating anyway, right?

    So, do you have a copy?

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    I would be interested in the support position.
    Do you have ICQ? lets continue this on pm

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    Good rate.

    I think this company will give you a good monthly rate.

    But they do charge for install. If you can install it, or know someone who can then the licence is at a good rate.

    And I believe they will support it.

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    Thanks for the replies so far. To be honest, don't want to instance message with people, but if there is anything you want to say in private, then please send a private message to me.

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    Can you define what you think would be included in the support?

    By default we support any cpanel issues and for an extra fee we would let you tie into our emergency pager system for the additional emergency support you require. Just need to know what you would define as that extra maintinance.

    You can see our prices at

    Also, the install is free as-is standard support.
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    Thanks for the response Daniel - After using Cpanel for about a year now on another server I know that sometimes it can screw up - I need to know that there's someone there (even at a cost) who can fix things for me. I don't perform any other routine maintenance tasks on the current server, but it would also be good to know if this should be done, what it entails and therefore how much this would be too on a monthly (?) basis.



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