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Thread: Server sizing

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    Server sizing

    I am currently sizing web servers for shared hosting. Looking at:

    1. Single P4 2GHz, 1 to 2 GB RAM, and h/w raid 1 SCSI.

    2. Dual Xeon DP, 1 to 2 GB RAM, and h/w raid 1 SCSI.

    I will be running Windows and Linux based web server. Any ideas on the number of domains each box will run if they are serving small personal web sites and mail?


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    Nice servers,, i dont think you would have problem hosting virtual sites on those babies
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    Yeah, helps that I work for an outsourcing outfit.

    BTW, they can offer a (backed up, monitored) web server (similar spec) with around 90 GB traffic/month for approx USD 1200. Anyone interested?

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