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  1. #1 & scam

    hi, everyone here. & scam our web site

    anyone got any suggestion on how to prevent this problem?
    and anyone can help to protect us?

    or please let me know where can I complain ...?

    They use http proxy to access our site, put their own advertisement, don't know stole our user password or not.

    our server may be slow now, because too many user here.
    we would like to upgrade the hardware soon.
    if anyone like to spouser please contact me.


  2. #2 vs

    forgot to told yours, they register domain name
    and use that domain to cache our site

    Please help!!!

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    Perhaps you need to calm down and get someone who can speak better english to help you rephrase what you are trying to say, as i have no idea what to gather from what you said. - Low cost multi domain hosting solutions. [Legal adult content friendly]
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