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    Question Best host for new small reseller


    Im looking into becoming a reseller but currently dont have many new clients/Funds so I want to start off small and then see hows it goes. Ive been looking around for ages at resellers until I cant see straight and Splashost seems good but is still quite an expensive outlay at the moment.

    Ive looked at and their reseller 1000 package at $13.95 seems really good and the kind of thing Im looking for. Does anyone know if their good with support etc or any other smiliar packages on the market with good feedback?

    I will also be hosting websites in the UK so I need a good fast connection to Europe. Im also hosting websites in New Zealand (as you do!) so I think america is the best option for servers as its inbetween?

    If anyone could help that would be great!



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    With the support you can get from Alan at, I wouldn't consider him expensive. You really can't get much cheaper anyway, and at least you'll be getting someone who knows what they're doing.
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    Take a look at

    They are NZ based and charge in NZ dollars.

    Hope that helps

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    The support at Splashhost has been recommended to me and I know its not that expensive I was just wondering if there was anyone a bit cheaper for starting out with then maybe move to a bigger reseller when im established.

    Cheers for the host about New Zealand however thats still 50 pounds a month which is above my current budget.

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    Ah right, I thought you were in NZ. Why not post a request in the request part of the forum, ask for specifics like how much you are prepared to pay per month, that you want a UK based host etc, and let them come to you? Then you can take the information gathered and do searches here for the companies who you think might be okay and see what others have to say, also post asking for more specific comments on those companies.

    May take a little longer, but it will be more thorough.

    Having said all that, have great reviews here, so I would be suprised if you weren't happy with them.

    Good luck in your search though.

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