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    Replacement Mobos?

    We got a few (from the looks of it) dead ISP1100's, one i think i just burned up because i wasn't paying attention and I put the cpu on without a fan. So IF am rather upset at myself right now. The other ISP1100 was a DOA from a company, same symptoms as the current one (powers up, but doesn't boot up...steady status light etc...just sits there...screen doesnt come on etc)

    Im looking for a replacement boards for these. Does any one have any recommendations on a board

    Current specs of these are 1 gig ram ecc, P3 850 mhz, 2 hard drives

    The ISP1100s are no thrill servers, but they are very very reliable. I would be interested to find any simular boards out there etc...

    Currently the boards that are designed for the isp1100's are the TR 440 BXA

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    I am not familiar with those mobos, but have built quite a few desktop PC's and had to repair quite a few friends failed attempts and not having the fan on the CPU most likley fried the CPU only. The issue with the second mobo sounds like a grounding issue, is it in the case already?

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    yah its in the case OK, all i can do is get them to power up and thats it, no beeps or anything...after about 10 minutes of running, the status light will turn off but it still just sits there...

    It was running fine, then i rebooted, and thats when it didnt come back online (was installing redhat..)

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    PS i tested the cpu on another puter and it seems i didnt fry it as 1st expected, works just that i guess cancels out the cpu

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