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    Exclamation GRAPHIC DESIGNERS NEEDED + Others

    Hi There, I am looking for a reliable graphic designer to join our design service staff team.

    We are in need of 2 designers, we are looking for designers that can work on weekends and/or weekdays and also provide quality work.

    Please email a link to your portfolio and inlclude brief info. about your self.

    Thanks, Please send all applications to GRAPHIC DESIGNERS NEEDED and thanks again!

    PS: if you can do templates, programming,etc... in the fields of design we also will accept applications for that!

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    well i m intrested and all i have is my work on line to show u as i m a flash and photo shop handler .u can check my work at and my personal work at [url]
    if u wanna get in touch u can add me [email protected] and yahoo

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    yes, we believe we can offer u design and templates'services for a long term business prospect
    if u r interested pls send a pm

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    hi there,
    i m currently building my portoflio,i didnt have time.,anyway.i do quality work,with kinda good rates,that

    I do quality grafix,flash,and programming what made PIA trust me for site redesign,u can check my demo
    hehe,this doesnt make me from pakistan by the way.
    also im working on bridgestone site redesign too
    also,im working right now on my own reseller company
    also for a brooker company
    and for some easter electronics company
    ,and lots of other stuff.that is not online yet =-))
    for prints ,im working with "Unilever",just started working with them couple weeks ago,could send u examples if ur interested.
    also i do cartoons,so check
    for logos,i made lots of them ,that i can send u,and many ones for companys all around the world,canada,usa,UK.
    about my programing skills,i did some jobs here on WHT. .
    i do php,asp..etc.
    i also have my own hosting,u could check my webdesign,and programming portoflio over there.
    im starting my own template site too,on,its a reseller program that i'll upgrade with new design and services-the design for both sites was done by my partner not me "

    contacts: emails: [email protected]
    icq: 31191645
    msn: [email protected]
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    if you're looking to hire someone, maybe you'd like to tell us what kind of payment he/she will receive maybe?

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    Hi there PLEASE EMAIL ME I will not accept anyother applications except through EMAIL. As for the payment it can be done through paypal,mail order etc...

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    its the first time ive seen an (unintentional) spelling mistake in a domainname. using that domain for a hosting company cuts anyone who graduated highschool right out of your client pool.

    no offense, just thought id point it out =]

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    call 1-877-MY-RUSKO or paul [at]

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