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    Php, or ASP coder needed

    I need a PHP or ASP coder, doesn't matter which, as long as it can do the job. I manage a website, , its an established hardware review site. I feel its time I upgrade to a better site, instead of using PHP-Nuke. I don't have much money, and I make no revenue from my site. I also do not expect to make any money from my site until it is remodeled. If a php or asp coder is in need of a job, you can email me at [email protected] , AOL Instant Message me at countertop187 , or post here. I prefer you use AIM to
    communicate with me. Thanks Lots.

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    My company would be willing to work with you on building your site. Why do you contact me on AIM:Knight2011 or send me an email with that you are looking for.

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