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    100 Megs Web Hosting

    Being a possible refugee from HostDepartment, I'm researching other Web site hosting services.

    Does anyone have anything to say about ... positive, negative, or otherwise?

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    My friend is hosted there...does not have any negative opinions against it. You might as well give it a try but try to communicate with them first just to check out their support etc...

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    Ya check on their support first.. their last news update was March 20, 2002... make sure they still have good support that doesn't disappear from time to time ..
    email them with some hosting questions and see how long it takes their staff to reply

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    They were my first paid host, very great, had no problems with them. Fast support.

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    They appear to have a very active support forum, you should spend sometime browsing it.

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    looks like a good choice..

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    I've had several accounts with them for well over a year and have *never* had a problem! They havn't had an announcement in months (as aZonic said) but that's because there's nothing to announce.

    Support is *true* 24/7 with several techs on all the time and is through both a support desk and an extensive support forum at

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    You have to buy a $100 software on the side

    their hosting is great. support is fast during business hours.

    however, you have to buy a licensed SSH telnet program to use their service. The first 30 day is free, after that you must purchase a license for $99. this sucks!

    unless u only work with ftp, and don't need telnet, then i say their hosting is great.

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    Not sure if I am allowed to reply as I am the owner of

    I just wanted to let blahblah know that you wouldn't actually need to purchase an ssh client. While we don't support telnet as it is insecure, there are many good free ssh clients available. One of our recomendations is putty at and our config page for putty is at
    You might want to take a look at using that as an alternative as it is free and generally does the trick. It doesn't have all the toys that securecrt has though.

    I also want to confirm that we do have true 24/7 support as well.


    Thanks for pointing out the updates section. I always forget to add things to that. I'll try to update it today

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    I know someone that was on

    He had good things to say about them, but then moved his account to VO along with me.

    As far as I know he never moved because of problems with the company, I think he just out grew them.

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    Thanks for the comments! I just signed up with 'em now, and I'll be spending the weekend transferring my domain over.

    I looked at them earlier, but I was mistaken in thinking that static IP wasn't possible; you have to include it with your request for service. (I run a couple of PHP scripts that require a static IP for licensing verification, to ensure that I'm not running a [email protected] k3wL [email protected] version.) I like the forums, too -- it seems like a better way of keeping in touch with the Webmasters of hosted sites than a vague network status page.

    BTW, I'm not associated with 100 Megs Web Hosting, except as a future customer. My Web site ( is currently hosted by Host Department; their recent migration hit me hard, because shell access is now nonexistent, many scripts I have can't be changed easily (and thus much of my Web site is still crippled), trouble tickets are being ignored, certain programs (ImageMagick especially) aren't available, and many features that were once free (mySQL database over 50 megs, static IP) are now offered on a fee basis.

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