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    Web Designer: One reseller account or multiple standalones?

    I'm a web designer and I've been struggling a bit with the question of whether or not I should purchase one reseller account or get individual accounts for each of my clients. Obviously, once I've racked up three or four clients (not many), I'll probably have made up the extra cost that the reseller account would have cost me. Additionally, a reseller account typically gives me the ability to set up these accounts myself without having to wait for the host to set them up for me (though, realistically, there's not usually much of a wait from a good host these days).

    So, are there some advantages folks can thinking of by going with the one account per client approach vs the reseller account approach?


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    To the client, there is no difference whether you go for one client per account or bunched them in a reseller's account. I guess what is different as you mentioned is the administration of it all and also with the reseller's account, you most likely get a lower per web site cost. Also, it may allow you to effectively arrange the web space allocation. For instance, if you are provided with 200mb and have a couple of sites, you may allocate say 100mb to the first (if needed), 10mb to the next and so on.

    However, since the reseller's account is a 'for-profit' type hosting, some web hosts may charge a higher fee to it when you get down to what you get in terms of web space and bandwidth allocation. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    As far as I know, if you purchase a reseller account (it depends on the plan), you get everything at a discount. And considering that it's possible to get your first 5 clients within 2 months, it is definitely going to pay off.

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    This depends on weather your customers come to you for support or weather they will go directly to the host.

    If they come to you the reseller plan would be MUCH easier. If not it really doesn't matter.

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    My clients come to me for support so, yes, I don't get any benefit there with the one-plan-per-client approach. Again, my inclination is toward going with the reseller plan. So, I guess I'm asking if there's some other benefit to the one-plan-per-client approach that I haven't thought of.


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    If you're taking care of their support anyway, go for the reseller account. it has a lot of benefits. Cost/Gig should be cheaper, you can create real easily to show them their site with full functions before they sign up (the puppy dog approach works very well )
    Also, you will be able to generate an income from their hosting at whatever cost you'd like and your host should be transparent. You can limit their options as you wish. He'll still be there if you need him (if you have a good host).

    All things being equal, my vote goes for reseller.
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    I'm in a similar position and just went for the reseller account.
    My reseller account is just a few dollars more than I was paying to have my own account hosted so I can offer free hosting to design clients -- my target market is small sites for small business.
    Just started with it, but that "free" seems to get their attention. For small brochure sites, most hosting plans are way too big and I can get a lot of those on my space.
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