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    Do yourself a favor and don't go with IPowerWeb.

    My site is down about an hour a day these days. Uptime, schmuptime. You all may have read my previous posts about wanting IPowerWeb's servers to take a trip through a tree mulcher, and it seems as though they've finally taken my advice.

    After finally implementing a new "Instant Help" system (which in reality is merely an e-mail form), I now get responses to be technical inquiries. It's unfortunate that they seem to think everything is "resolved," when in fact this isn't the case.

    Each time I e-mail them to tell them my site is loading extremely slowly, or that it's completely down, I get a response similar to "The issue has been resolved. We encourage you to run some of your own tests." Yeah, well, I think the fact that the site never comes up, regardless of the computer you use, is a good indication that the problem isn't solved.

    After several responses like this, I finally got a response saying another customer on my same server was using up the resources, thus slowing down my site. They informed me that I could be moved to a better server, at no additional cost. I responded, inquiring as to whether this switch would increase the length of my contract (it ends next month, thank GOD!). I never got the "24-hour" response I was promised.

    So, that's what has happened since I last came here. Don't go with them. Please. Just don't.


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    Here's another one of my old threads:

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    I think iPowerWeb is the greatest webhost ever!!!

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    Just wait. Your time will come.

    How long have you been with them?


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    time for a new host
    Nick Twaddell
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    NSyncVillage said...
    My site is down about an hour a day these days.
    I have one site with iPowerweb and have never found it to be down. I also have several clients with them and have never heard a complaint. Could you tell us what program you are using that tells you your site is down "about an hour a day". It looks like I had better start using it.

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    Yes, what software are you using that reports 60 minutes of down time each day?
    I thank my Lord for all His wonderful blessings.

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