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    cpanel update options

    which is safest

    Automatic (STABLE tree)
    Automatic (RELEASE tree)
    Automatic (bleeding EDGE tree)

    can explain the difference between that 3

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    The safest is Automatic (STABLE tree). This release may not have all the newest features, but everything should work.

    Automatic (RELEASE tree) will have some new feature(usually), and some of these may still have some bugs in them.

    Automatic (bleeding EDGE tree) will have the latest and greatest that Nick has put together, but don't use it on a production server or you may loose some customers. Expect to find many bugs in this version, as well as some new things to play with.
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    I would imagine most web hosts will be using the stable tree... What do you guys think? It would be great to hear from Nick on just how much behind the stable tree will be from the release tree. (For example, will the stable tree be typically 3 months behind, or will it be more like 3 weeks behind?)

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    Stable tree for us.. you can try a Release version if you want to and then if it is bugged, you can reverse it and install the last stable tree by selecting "Stable tree" updates only within WHM and then updating CPanel again.. :-) Nice feature.

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    Stables are apparently released once per month.

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