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    Cool Quality Ad Space for Sale

    If you are interested in purchasing quality advertising space, has had a few openings this week.

    Available Plans:

    - $25 a month
    10 dedicated banners on our content pages
    (excludes main page and most pop page)
    5 spots left

    - $70 a month
    A 468x60 Dedicated banner on our most popular page
    2 spots left

    - $40 a month
    A 468x60 banner rotated on our 7 most pop. pages
    Never be rotated with more than 4 other banners
    Currently 3 in rotation
    2 spots left

    Our stats our as follows:
    About 1000-2500 unique visitors a day
    Our stats seemed to have doubled in the past week!

    Please e-mail [email protected] if you are interested.
    If I left out any vital info, just ask.

    [email protected]
    TextAdMarket -
    Supply & Demand Advertising

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    Wow you put your prices up! i still want that deal we discussed, but i only want to pay with paypal.. get a paypal account and we will talk
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    Yes, I forgot to mention. We do accept PayPal.

    Our prices are higher than last month because our e-mail box was swampped with offers, and our stats have more than doubled in just a few weeks. And at the looks of it, our stats may go up again this month. (which is good for those who have ads on
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