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Thread: Mirroring???

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    * Mirroring???

    Anyone know how to mirror a website? Ive searched various sources but cant seem to find a good tutorial or the like.

    Am I asking this in the right forum?



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    It depends, are you asking for a real-time mirroring system? Are you trying to mirror just a few files/directories or an entire drive?
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    Thanks - what I am hoping to do is more or less "real time" mirroring of entire websites. Is that feasable? I guess I would settle for once a day updates or something less than real time but real time would be ideal.

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    For non-real time updates of static files (database copies this way may cause integrity problems) can be handled easily via "rsync."

    Sunbelt Software has products for Windows servers that can do real time syncronization (mirroring of files).

    See the high availability section at

    Another approach would be to set up a clustered (for fault tolerance purposes) database server for which various application / web servers would gather the data.

    Thank you.
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