Some site that I visited recently had a popup that used to install itself onto my computer and add itself to my browser, where it would redirect searches to it's own search engine.

After a little research, I was able to delete this Pain-In-The-Arse (PITA) with Ad-Aware.

In my research I found a few dozen recent complaint posts about Xupiter to a variety of pc forums. In addition, some annoying popups from a casino and another site I've never visited decided to write shortcuts to their sites onto my desktop. I've boosted browser security, but am not happy about this writing crap to my computer without permission. Slimey way to do business.

If you are using pop-up ads (which are themselves an annoying PITA), please watch who you are accepting adverts from. They may give you needed funds, but in the end you'll alienate your customer base.