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    Thumbs down Dear Powweb, here's why you stink

    Dear Powweb_Admin who posts here.

    I paid for 2 years and after a year of your rude admins and poor service I quit. You have all these 'testimonials' from happy powweb users, so here's a testimonial from a recent user who had to change hosting just to get some basic services.

    My website with you had to be moved when I relied on your email to work, big mistake choosing you. I was tired of the site bouncing up and down, no tech support, excuses on the prerecorded messages when I tried to call in. When I did contact someone they were rude and condescending to me.

    After trying to work out some problems like mail, I left. I struggled for a year with you people and was tired of the messages back form tech support that read, literally, "The problem is on your end." That explains it all when trying to find out why your not forwarding mail.

    I cancelled my account and then you refused to pay me for my unused year, adjusting for the 2 free months you give for a prepay like that. You must be scraping for every dollar to treat your customers, or past customers so poorly.

    I'm really tired of places with low character like yours doing this sort of thing to people. All you had to do was fulfill your promise of service, which you did not.

    So now I'm filing a complaint with the BBB against you and I'll be adjusting my charges against my credit card. Of course I'll be posting here, too as well as adding banners to my sites as appropriate to warn people of your underhanded business practices.

    I encourage others who have had similar experiences to do the same. In light of all the web hosts out there that stick it to people, this is the right thing to do, especially if it can help push people like powweb out of business. It shouldn't take much, they are scraping for every 7.77 they can get.

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    It's fact that one happy customer will refer three new ones. It's also a fact that one unhappy customer will deter hundreds from signing up. This is why you treat people the way they wanted to treated, and not how you think they should be treated.

    This isn't the first PowWeb horrid story I've seen, so I think I'm safe to say that companies like this are who give this industry a bad name.


    I hope you get everything straightened and find a new, reliable host and I'm sorry to hear what has happened to you.
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    ROFLOL i foudn the subject to this funny. Ive wanted to write a letter liek this to my boss... Dear Scott...this is why you SUCK! lol.

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    I'm with you, POWWEB sucks

    Stay WAY WAY WAY away from POWWEB. Yeah technically they sound great on (virtual) paper. But they seem to be staffed by dishonest paranoids. I had a really bad expereince a month ago. I'm doing my civic duty and telling as many people about it as possible. IF you want the details go here
    They are completely dishonest and they are very likely to just take your money (paid a year in advance) and turn your site off for no reasons they will never explain. Sound like a company you want to do business with?

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