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    Interesting Read ***** / Hostdepartmen

    I found this while surfing

    basically hostdepartment ran off with money, and ***** stepped up... well or down..

    /edit/ Ok i was trying to be a smarta**, ..
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    At the top of HostDepartments control panels:

    Existing clients: if you are getting an email from *****, they are trying to scam you! We have no relations whatsoever with *****. You should ignore their email message. Our legal department are preparing the paperwork to press charges against Creative Innovations, Inc. (*****) for all the scam emails they have sent to our clients.

    Thank you for your attention.

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    Angry hostdepartment... what they've done.

    Okay... I had my site shut down this morning (

    I've spent all morning figuring out who is the scammer. It's Hostdepartment.

    1. ***** first and foremost HAS a telephone number on their site. I got a hold of them and was told that yes, they took control of 'their servers' from Hostdepartment because they did not pay their bill. As of last night, doing an NSlookup to their IP address of their website showed that ***** was their backbone.
    However, someone here just asked how their website is still up - they've moved *already*.

    2. On the Hostdepartment site, they claim they "have no relations whatsoever with *****" are are 'contacting their laywers'. A further glance at their website shows that their data centers share the same physical Texas address as *****, though they are headquartered in NZ. Interesting considering they "have no relations."

    3. Hostdepartment claims 30 day money back guarantee. Two weeks ago I spent $55 to purchase the referrer-log add on for my site. It's been less than 30 days, however, there is NO phone number, and I have not gotten a response from email.

    4. They guarantee 24/7 customer support. However, the customer support link on their homepage is set to "offline" 24/7. And again - there is no phone number.

    I talked to ***** on the phone who was very apologetic, but told me that I have to sign up with them to get my data back. I think the only thing I can do now is pay $12 for a month, FTP everything down to my computer, and cancel with *****.

    But, I just thought I'd share what I knew with everyone.
    [email protected]

    (remove the NOSPAM to email me)

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    boy that has to stink, and the worst part about it is that it made it to f**ked company

    I am Mike From ADEHOST.Com, Multidomain Windows hosting with Cold Fusion and ASP and Dot.NET Also offering multi-domain Unix hosting. silently, each one should ask, Have I done my daily task. Have I kept my honor bright, can I sleep without guilt tonight. Have I done and have I did, everything, to be prepared. - our motto to maintain services.

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    Out of the frying pan, into the fire. CI is a banned host here so it's hard to conduct a search, but should tell you everything you need to know about them. Move. Move now.
    Deb Suran
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    They spammed our customers last year ... a "marketing mistake" Quite sure this is "simple oversight" on their part

    (Such low-lifes)
    Welcome to support ... Your site's down?
    Did you turn on your computer?
    Works now? ... hey, glad to help!

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    some companies really need to get a grasp on life...i wonder how old the owner is...anyone willing to guess? 10...11? oh ya maybe 12 lol
    -Robert Norton

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    This just in. F'k it. No more HostDepartment, no more C I Host.

    BTW, I changed the domain name DNS records. I'm gonna' do it again on Friday night, too, when I move everything over to a new server.

    F'k 'em all. F'k their jargon and their "robust, end-to-end e-business solutions." F'k their lies.

    Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 22:41:22 -0500
    From: [email protected]
    Message-Id: <[email protected]>
    To: (me)
    SUBJECT: Has Illegallly Transferred Your Domain Name.

    Dear C I Host/ Customer:

    Your web hosting account and domain name will be offline within 24 hours.

    You are/were a customer of Until October 1, 2002 was a P.I.R reseller of C I Host's services and had been for several years. used our servers and our network in Bedford, Texas to provide services to you. Jimmy Rianto Tanzil, their CEO took money from you and did not pay the money to us. He owes C I Host $60,000. Because of which, on October 1, 2002 at 3:00pm CST we deactivated all domains hosted by Your domain was shut down in that mass deactivation. C I Host still has your web site content and your emails that have come in between October 1, 2002 and today. If you have activated your site with C I Host your web site was up and working until today. has now illegally logged into your domain name registrar, and modified the nameserver records on your domain to show

    Unfortunately, these nameservers are NOT correct. Because C I Host still possess your web site content, when your domain name refreshes to reflect this change (sometime in the next 24 hours) your domain name will go off-line.

    The only way to continue with your domain content and still be hosted on the C I Host network (so you can keep all of your account features including MonsterControls and such) is to modify your domain name's nameservers back to

    To do this you MUST IMMEDIATELY contact your registrar, and ask them to modify your domain name nameservers to

    Your domain name has been switched to a new network. Your current registrar is ENOM, INC. .

    Because sold your account to ***** to pay for some of their hosting fees, and they are now illegally transferring the domains away from C I Host, your domain and web site will be offline within 24 hours.

    We regret that you have been placed in the middle of this but because your zone records have changed off of the C I Host network, we have no control over your domain.

    If you need our assistance in ANY MANNER please call us at 888-868-9931 ext 4. We are here 24 hours to assist you. C I Host recognizes your need and will assist you in any way possible. Obviously charged A LOT LESS then C I Host does for web hosting. We are willing to match your monthly price JUST to get your account back online.

    The only quick solution to this issue is to transfer your domain name back to C I Host. Then you can access your email and your web site in the very same manner you have been accustomed to doing. We have already extended the following offer to all customers:

    1. We will triple your web space allotment

    2. We will increase your pop3 email account allotment to unlimited

    3. We will match your monthly expenditure

    4. We will waive your transfer setup fees and migration fees to C I Host

    5. NOW, if you transfer your domain name back we will offer you an additional 1 year of domain name registration if you modify your domain name servers to:


    Once you have changed the nameservers on your domain, please have your registrar change the password associated with your domain name account so cannot tamper with it any longer.

    Phone Numbers for Registrar's Used By

    Enom - Phone: 425.883.8860 extension #203

    Go Daddy - (480) 505-8899

    We are automatically sending in requests now for all domains registered through and Network Solutions. If you have a domain registered through one of these registrars you will receive an email within 24 hours asking you to approve the transfer back to C I Host. Please read that email carefully and follow the instructions within it. As soon as your domain is moved back over to C I Host, everything will return to normal and all features including the web site and email will automatically start working again.

    Keep in mind, DID NOT get your web content or your email. If you keep your domain name on their network, you will need to rebuild your web site from scratch and your emails will be lost.

    If you need our assistance in ANY MANNER please call us at 888-868-9931 ext 4. We are here to help you 24 hours a day!

    We also know what is telling you:

    At the top they mention never having any relations with C I Host. But if you do a whois on domain name istself, they list C I Host's office building in Bedford, Texas as the technical support address. You can verify all of this information here:

    Technical Info: HostDepartment.Com Ltd US Data Centre
    ([email protected]) +1 888 2037292 FAX: - 1841 Central Drive #110 Bedford, TX 76021 US

    As you can tell, What we are telling you is true. is doing nothing more than attempting to save their business after they ripped you off the first time.

    Best regards,
    Migration Team
    C I Host

  10. #10 is not a group of people it is one guy who lives with his grandma and family in Forest Hill, Auckland NZ. It is easy to get his name and phone number by doing a whois lookup at of I have tried calling the guy but don't get to speak to him -surprise surprise. You get to 'speak' to his grandmother (who is indonesian and doesn't speak English) or Thomas?(maybe him) or Lisa (who is very nice) or little Jessica (who is very friendly) but not Jimmy.

    He has messed up my whole company. I recently placed an ad in a magazine which came out last friday, guess what my potential customers are thinking now? My site resolves to 'account has been suspended' (I cancelled all service) or to 'Ikes super pools' in Florida, a whole continent away from me!!! Either way I look like an idiot. A very pissed off idiot who is intent on shutting him down.

    His new server is with in Florida. This is where he is messing up all our accounts and details. If you feel like complaining speak to either William in customer services or Larry in technical on 1 800 617 1407.

    If he has charged you for something that he has not provided then speak to your credit card provider and ask for a 'chargeback' explaining the curcumstances and they should refund your money and charge his merchant processing supplier the fee for doing it. If enough people do this they will shut down his account.

    When I find out more about him I will put the info here.

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    Angry I'm with you...

    Hear, hear!
    In order to hope that this NEVER happens to anyone again (I too am in a situation where professionals came to my site and saw "this site has been shut down because the owner did not pay their bill"), I am all for seeing this guy shut down.

    I actually sent off a notice to the New Zealand Ministry of Consumer Affairs. :-)

    I'm definately with you on this one...I was going to send an email to Dialtone also, telling them to beware.

    I just purchased referrer logs add-on TWO WEEKS ago for $55. Gone! I paid for a year, and got two weeks. I think I am going to dispute the charge for goods not received.

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    Jimmy Rianto Tanzil alias has done one!!
    He has apparently buggered off to Indonesia!! What does over $60,000+ get you there?

    If you trace all the public details on this guy you get 4 different addresses and 5 phone numbers - none get you to Jimmy. The new zealand governments company registry has Jimmy Rianto Tanzil listed as the only director or share holder for LTD. Maybe we should all complain to them that the information contained in their registry is actually flase?

    Again anyone who has been charged by this guy for something you haven't got, speak to YOUR credit card company and they should be able to get your money back and charge him for doing it.

    Has anyone contacted eNom to tell them that their whois database info for both and is actually false?

    I think we should all call as well and let them know what he is doing (see my post above).

    For those who want to hear Hostdepartment's rebut to ***** comments on him send him an email and wait for a reply.

    Who thinks that ***** could have kept our sites running for a week longer? If they can get them up and running within 30 minutes of us contacting them WITH the old nameserver config then they could have kept them running! The accounts were on their servers which they controlled, was there any need to shut us all down without notification? It strikes me that a good company would have notified us of the situation, locked out Hostdepartment, and kept our sites up for a week or two to give us the chance to deal with it. How many customers would they have got by taking this more understanding route? Instead they are just as responsible for the problems. It was they who shut down our sites and tried to scare the begibies out of us thinking that would impress us and get us to sign up! I couldn't care less if Hostdepartment owed them money, I care about my business and my site and whether I get to keep my customers or get new ones.

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    Lightbulb Hostdepartment and CIHO$T, facts unrevealed...

    Hi guys! Well I didn't know we were discussed here? Here is our side of the story... you can belive it or not, its up to you.

    We started HostDepartment.Com as a CIHO$T Reseller, by getting their PIR Reseller account which was quite good actualy. If you checked their web site, you will see that their PIR Reseller includes a technical support service which is staffed by CIHO$T tech support personnels.

    Let me cut the story to a short one, in short we become quite big, hosting over than 5,000 paid web hosting clients and over than 100,000 of free hosting clients at in just about seven or eight months time. This was achieved because our site was listed on top of Yahoo, AltaVista, and Lycoos Network, when you search for a term "web hosting", "web hosting services" or "free web hosting". We were once #2 on those sites for about a month and somewhere in the top 5 for several months.

    I guess, we got waaay to BIG for CIHO$T. I don't know how they *think*, instead of supporting us to grow big together and become partners, out of the blue I received an invoice from CIHO$T billing department, saying that I owe around $60,000 dollars for CIHO$T services. I was confused, what was that for? We ALWAYS pays our bills for all of our eleven dedicated servers we had with them. Never late, even when they charge us for traffic overages for over $3,000 for a traffic used by a client domain, which did not really occur, I still pay them out and did not complain, because we already know CIHO$T way to long and already know their system way too deep. In short we quite liked their servers and get used to their hosting system.

    Then I asked their so called C E O, Christopher Faulkner, what those charges are all about. Apperantly he did not respond, he responded to me quite many times in the past and quite fast, saying we would be good partners, etc. But how come he did not respond this time? Strange huh?

    Then I got an email back from his so called Billing Department... stating that the invoces are for their technical support services, you know what? They charge $6 per month PER DOMAIN for all the domains which was hosted on my dedicated servers with them. That is no where on our contract, because we will never go with CIHO$T if we knew they charge those fees, why would we charge only $5/Month if we know they charge $6/Month for their TECHNICAL SUPPORT only?

    And that is not all, they charged their support fees for the six months of support services THEY ALREADY PREFORMED! Now how does that make any sense??? That is just a simple way to say "I'll take all your clients from now on, thanks but please f**k off now"

    Well, they can do that because they know that I am not in the US and I will not be able to press charges or sue them for this. But thats the fact, we can't do anything beside trying to think a way out of this. Now who is the bad guy?

    If you were me/us, what would you do? Just sit there and see all your hardwork and effort taken away by this Christopher Fu*k-ner who want's an easy client base? I couldn't do that.

    So in short, I pissed him off, I said I was going to pay but it will take a while but I transfered all my servers to Dialtone instead. So does that make me a criminal compared to what he has done to us?? He belived me, and gave me time, why?? Because I ALWAYS PAID those scum bags!

    Now, all services are restored with Dialtone. I do not intend to get back (take a revenge or something) to him or CIHO$T about this, since I know a man who runs their business like that won't lasts long. Either the people who will take him down, or the man up stairs Himself that will take him and his entire business down.

    I know their holes, I've been there configuring our own automated hosting account creation system, I can take them down if I want, or at least make them suffer. But, I won't, we are not that kind of low moral individuals as they are or as Chirs Fu*k-ner is!

    While I am posting this message, I would also like to apologize to all our clients who are reading this message. Please accept our apology, I was very short of staff and personnels, so it took us a while to gather our own personells and staff, we simply could not handle to respond each individual complains from all 5,000 of you.

    But we are in the process of refunding ALL refund requests, it will take a while, but the money is all there and we will give it back to you if you requested it. You can check this directly via PayPal and 2CheckOut, if we are cooperating with all the refund requests or not.

    Also we have enough personnels now, we have several sales personnels, several tech support personnels, billing personnels, and offcourse I will be running marketing and as an admin who will have all access to all servers. I am a sysadmin, not as CIHO$T stated that I know nothing about computer, heh?! We will be opening a TOLL FREE sales support center in November, and our 24/7 Live Chat support are already operational now. We also will be launching our brand new site on November. We were going to launch it on October untill we got this problem with CIHO$T. But we survived, because we got help from the Big Guy

    For you CIHO$T personnels (who knows the facts and still go with this) and Christopher Faulkner... well, God have mercy on you! I hope you can repent and confess your sins to all the persons you have done wrong to, someday. That is all I can say to you and this one... "What you sow is what you reap...."

    Thank you for your time reading this. I appreciate it.

    If you have any critics for us good or bad, please send it to [email protected]. I'll be happy to read them.

    PS: I just learned that the word C_I_HOST is banned in this forum? That's how bad they are....

    Best regards,
    Jimmy Rianto
    HostDepartment.Com Ltd.

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    A Holiday Story (a bit early)

    There was once a reseller of THAT-HOST. THAT-HOST was always behind billing, when the reseller had 60 open accounts, THAT-HOST was only billing him for 5, when the reseller had 400 accounts, they billed for 20. This went on for 7 months. Then one day they turned off all his accounts and demanded payment, they said he owed thousands of dollars. He pleaded and explained that it wasnt his fault, that is was THEIRS! Well the billing support person, nor the supervisor seemed to care, so he sent payment via certified check. They did that two more times, they wouldnt bill, then demanded thousands of dollars via certified check for the accounts to be turned back. He tried getting bills regularly but never got responses from billing.

    He got smart one day. He let his customers know that they were moving and over the next few months moved them to A GOOD HOST, other than a few minor headaches and complaints (like control panels and such) everything was ok (Netsolutions was a pain but on-line forums helped with that).

    The moral of the story, don't do business with THAT-HOST and go find A GOOD HOST!

    (NOTE: This is not about HostDepartment.Com Ltd. )
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    lamo old thread but looked at the memo, ***** claims this:

    (profitable for 6 years straight) in the marketplace and our
    client base of 175,000+ customers, we can guarantee lightning fast access,
    rock-solid reliability and we can ensure you that our web site content will
    not suddenly disappear overnight, something cannot offer.
    is that a bunch of crap or what?
    -Robert Norton

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