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    Domain names..I will consider?

    I have several projects that I would like to get off the ground so I figured I would see if there is any interest in a joint venture of sorts or possibly even selling the domains out right.

    The first two go together somewhat. and the names kind of speak for themselves.

    The other is and .net and and .net, these also speak for themselves.

    And for you porn buffs I have the best girly site name! and .net

    Any interest in these let me know what they are by email.
    As far as a starting point I can't say where to begin because its not all that important to me that I sell any of the names.


    John Jeffers

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    Won't get any good offers here. And probably won't get any good offers anywhere else.
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    Peronally those names (e.g) soggybottomgirls sounds stupid. As flitcher said, you won't receive any offers here.
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