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    * Sell Dialup & Then Upsell to Hosting?

    Most of our customers come to us because they want to sell dialup to their existing hosting/design customers. This is a great reason for hosting services to offer dialup but.. Everyone is caught by suprise when I tell them that they can actually use the dilaup to increase their hosting sales.

    This is an age old idea. Traditional local facilities based ISP have always made the bulk of their money from hosting etc. They charge what they want and get it for hosting and design. Reason? Well the dialup customer calls his dilaup ISP first in almost ALL cases when it comes to hosting and design.

    I am not talking about techies, I am talking about the average Joe that has a small business or an idea and gets up one morning wanting to start a website. Who is he most likely to call? That's right, his Internet company. In the average Joes mind the same guy that provides his dialup is the one that should provide anything else Internet.

    Wouldn't it be nice to get the call before the ISP? You can if you are the ISP!

    Advertising your hosting services is tough because you must advertise to a VERY targeted audience. With dialup you can start advertising in general publications etc.. Anyone with a computer is a potential customer now. Kind of opens up things a bit..

    Check us out, dialup accounts starting at $6.95. This is wholesale only for those wanting to actually be a dialup ISP.

    Thanks for your time.
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    Hey man.

    Gonna be 100% honest when I say I haven't read much on your website as I am on a brutal deadline at the moment.

    One of my clients expressed interest in a 800# for connecting to dailup...

    Is this possible?
    What would be the best means of getting him connected?

    I don't mind going through another company...

    Sorry my questions suck, but I have no clue how this works


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    We do not offer this type of service. Sorry..

    He could get his own 800 number from and point it to any providers number he wants. Then he just pays the phone bill for the 800 number.

    It could be expensive depending on how much he uses it but it is a solution.
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    Appreciate the response.

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    But you have a set up fee your site said didn't it? I don't like having set up fees.
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