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    Question Is the Powweb model viable?

    I am wondering if the Powweb business model is viable on the long term, i.e. a One-for-all package.

    I would be interested in having your advice here
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    i guess it would all depend on what you need. since they only have one plan though, there's no upgrade path. if you feel that you'll need to upgrade some time in the future to a larger plan, you'll be stuck. if you'll be running a site that won't grow, then i guess this is a good deal. though they do try to get you with extra's (MySQL is extra).

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    Well, because they concentrate on just one package model, they don't have to worry about limits per user etc. it is easier to keep an overview (also because the revenue per customer is the same for every customer).
    They do however have in mind that not every user uses his maximum allowed bandwidth, because 25 GB for just 7.77 dollar is a lot for less money. In my eyes this will always be an factor they should keep an eye on, because websites grow and therefore make them lesser money.
    But they seem to hold out for a while, so they must be doing something good. But they are typical budget hosts, and personally I try to keep away from such!

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    I understand their business model, i.e. it can work only if you have small sites not taking all the advertised data transfert and disk space. But then, what do they do *if* (maybe it never happens) too many sites use too many resources?

    I've known some hosts that just threw away their unwanted customers....
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