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    Advertising Auction

    Hello, if you would like to advertise on my online game please read one.


    The winner will get their sites/companies 468x60 banner shown on the top of 80-90% of the site. It will be on the front page and on every player's account screen besides service users (service users are players that have donated a small fee to keep the game running).

    Your ad will be placed on the rotator with 2 ads currently. A maximum of 4 ads will be on the rotator at any one time.

    The attached file shows webalizer stats, taken today.

    Last month (sept) it displays a statistic of 609 unique a day, that figure should of been around 700+ but my hosting account was deleted and an old backup was used.

    Payment by PayPal

    You can bid for the space by posting bellow, PMing me or emailing me at: [email protected].

    Bidding starts at $12USD

    Hope you can bid to help my game and your site!
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    - Andy
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