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    * Complete eNom API package. Incredible domain site in 20 minutes!

    Version 2.0 is out and better than ever!
    Complete customized system utilizing eNoms API functions for registering, renewing, transfering and managing domains via eNom, direct from your site using secure https communications.

    - Supports LIVE registrations. 100% immediate registrations, renewals and payments. Transfers are sent to eNom queue live.
    - Encrypted passwords for added security.
    - Discounts on a per user basis.
    - Multi-TLD spinner front end.
    - Built in membership system to allow the client to track and manage their domains & profiles, as well as log user info for administrative purposes. Full transaction logging. All information stored in MySQL.
    - Admin control panel to manage domains and their status, manage users, edit/delete users, suspend accounts, and view transactions.
    - Separate pricing for transfers. Ability to set per user discounts.
    - Full support for PayPal, Authorizenet, InfoDial, 2Checkout and Enom* Credit Card Processing. Credit card processing can be disabled if you wish to process payments via PayPal only. Authorizenet and Infodial communicate via https with remote servers.
    - PayPal payments via PayPal IPN for immediate approval/denial. PayPal can be disabled if you choose to take credit cards only.
    - Easy configuration of all aspects of installed system via configurator interface.
    - Easy 'look and feel' configuration via web-based system & stylesheet. header, footer, colors, fonts, etc. are all 100% customizable. Template oriented for easy editing.
    - Customizable emails sent to customer and administrator on transaction completion.
    - Domain expire 60, 30, 7 and 0 day notice emailed to customers as well as nightly admin email report.
    - Switch between TestMode and LiveMode via web based configurator. Transactions all cost 1 penny while in test mode.
    - Switches to your secure site URL for all sensitive transactions.
    - Sub-Account reseller instant LIVE setup! Setup 4 separate plans (signup fee and domain pricing), and after signup form is completed and payment is confirmed, users sub-acct and pricing structure is automatically setup at eNom. 1 plan is tagged as free (no setup fee).

    Too many features to list - visit the Demo Area!


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    Is it or will it be Worldpay compatible,.


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    We are working on Hostcharge and Worldpay integration now.


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    The description for the 'Lite' version is the same as for the regular version... what is the difference?

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    The lite version does not contain the member section, nor some of the other features. You can check out the demos to see the difference.


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    I won't say how much I like DRAM, in case the competion is listening

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    Can you integrate (Revecom)? Why is that not included - a lot of hosts here use paysystems. Also, what is the advantage of using your system for the price it costs, while enom has a complete solution for $99 one-time setup and they also process credit card transactions. What is the advantage of your solution over their's?

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    I would also like to know about the Revecom (PaySystems) integration

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    eNom PDQ is $99 a year, not one time. They dont support the payment processors we do. Your customer is taken offsite. You cannot customize the look and feel of PDQ. The list goes on

    Try the demo at


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    Hi, is it possible to use the EURO currency to set my pricing for my customers?
    David Heremans
    a service provided by

    ** We offer support in English, Dutch and French.

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    I was wondering.... I have requested information from thier support twice now so I could integrate them into DRAMS.
    Three weeks later, still no reply. I see many unfavorable posts on thier forums as well. I was concidering adding them to DRAMS, but am starting to question whether it is worth the time.


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    We are looking at multi currency support now, as well as language templates...Stay tuned.....

    We are looking at Revecom support as well...


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    I asked for a password 5 days ago

    I wanted to try dramsystem demo, i have sent 2 mails to get a password to tst the system, still no answer

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