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    * NIXT WhManager instalation help please

    I have been reading all the posts about the NIXT WhManager script and have spent many hours running it up and checking its funtionality. I seem to have managed to install without error all the script files and MySql database tables using the install.php script, the funtion of the NIXT admin script seems solid and well writen my only puzzlement is why I seem unable to produce email templates from the "Edit plans" menu, I am able to edit the email pain ok but when I save the work I get no conformation of update of a template. If I re enter the email editor again the email template I had just attempted to write is not there and it is just an empty pain !!!
    I cannot find any templates in the scripts template directory involved with this process, I have checked the access permissions on all the directories thinking that the script was unable to write or produce the nessesary files but all seems ok.
    I have attempted to read the admin script in order to find out what the email template file name should be but thats a bit beyond me. Has anyone had this part of the script working? do you know what file name the template has? has anyone any ideas as how I could fix this last remaining problem.

    Best Regards John Jones

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    I use that script. The email "templates" are not files. The email text is stored in the MySQL database. It is stored under table name "plans" and field name "template." I hope this helps.
    Brett Morey
    Faith Internet

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    The table name plans/template

    Hi Fatboy thank you for your post above, I have used PhPmyadmin to have a look at the MySql settings on my domain and the table "plans" is there with a field called "template" and it is set to type longtext. I am not sure how to move forward on this I do not know if the problem is that the script cannot access the table plans/template or if one of the settings in mysql is wrong, I do not have enough experience in using mysql, if you have the script working ok then I guess it has something to do with the way mysql is set up and how the script is using mysql but where would I start to look for a fault like this?

    All the other email templates in the admin script are working fine ie:

    Edit Invoice Template
    Edit Receipt Template
    Edit Early Notice

    It is just the plans edit email section
    I am using php admin script version NiXT whmManager 2.0

    John Jones

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    I need help as well.

    From the installation guide, it mentioned we need to CHOM the .htaccess file. But I could not find it after unzip the file.

    Where is it hidden?

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    Hi addvalue, you'll have to set your ftp program up to show hidden files to find the .htaccess. The '.' hides the file so it isn't shown unless you specificly tell your ftp client to do so. Some FTP clients don't even have the option to show hidden files. I know the flashFXP does have this possibility.

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    Cute ftp can show .htaccess files

    To enable remote server 'hidden' file access on Cute ftp, try this:

    Site Manager / Edit (Site)
    (brings up Site Properites tab)
    Choose “General” subtab
    under “Filtering (Masks)”
    check “enable filter”
    click “Filter”
    under “Options” tab
    check “Enable remote filters (server applied filter)
    Remote filter: “-rtaF”

    Pro version:
    Site Manager / Edit (Site)
    (brings up Site Properites tab)
    Choose “actions” tab
    click the “Filter” button
    check “enable filtering”
    check “Enable server side filtering (server applied filters)
    Remote filter: type “-rtaF”

    hope this helps

    Re- whmmanager

    I have found that I can edit the field "template" using phpmyadmin and on running the admin script again the edited text will appear in the edit pain of the Plan email edit and it can be edited at that point but not saved. So I guess from deduction that the admin script seems unable to write to the MySql database table "Plans" and the field "template" the rest of the database seems ok anyone any ideas?

    john jones

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    anyone any ideas
    Yes: invest a few dollars into phpmanager

    I tried running NIXT. Got it all setup and working on the remote server, but it was never able to communicate with WHM. Just spitting out errors that WHM wasn't found or something. I just gave up in the end, got phpmanager (which I liked more anyway, just wanted to see if I could get the free toy to do what I wanted it to first), never been happier

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