hi all,

the following are our newest offers fo resellers with more bandwidth Webspace and FREE domain registration.

There's no need to pre-purchase
bulk accounts that you may not use.
You pay only what you really need!

PLUS for all new resellers:
Free domain registration if you pay annual fees in advance for resold accounts!

e.g. for resold account:

WHM & CPanel 5 (mailonly)
5GB transfer/m
100MB Web space
$2.50/month for resold account.

Plus package

WHM & CPanel 5
8GB transfer/m
250MB Web space
$3.33/month for resold account.

Gold DNS (personal IP ad personal DNS)

WHM & CPanel 5
15GB transfer/m
600MB Web space
$7.50/month for resold account.

other plans are avaiable.

one time setup fee to becom a reseller is $10

More 4 Less !