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    1GB/25GB/9 months for $105

    I have a reseller account from Acunett with the following specs:

    Storage Space 1000mb
    Data Transfer 25gb
    Plesk CP
    Domains/Sub-Domains 25
    FTP Accounts (/~webuser) 350
    POP3/Webmail Accounts 350
    Mailing Lists 150
    Email Redirects Unlimited
    Email Autoresponders Unlimited
    MySQL Databases 25
    All other standard features. See for more info

    Acunett charges $24.95/month for this account which comes up to a total of $224.55. I'm looking to sell the remaining 9 months for just $105, a $119.55 savings to you.

    Acunett's support is great (feel free to do a search on the forum) and I would keep the account if I had a use for it, but time doesn't allow it

    Post here or PM me if you're interested
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    Not a bad deal man. Not at all. They seem pretty reliable as well.
    One thing though you might want to check out or let them know about is that we just came out with a plan for 1gig for 100/year or 10/month. Saving $5 adds up after awhile. Hell $5 is a coffee and a bagel and a donut! Nevertheless I like the plans they and they seem to be known as well. I cannot believe you cannot find an account to use this for its pretty wicked.
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    Seem is not the right word, reliable they are is true I've just checked their site regarding the 1gig plan but can't find it anywhere, are you a current customer?

    Yeah wish I had used it better... big pity

  4. #4 they have a gig plan right there. I am not a customer but a good friend of mine is and he says he loves it. Still to bad that you cannot use it.
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    I'll throw in a FREE Enom reseller account to whoever that gets it. Cost of registration per domain name would be $7.10

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