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    Read-only file system

    Hi All,

    Have a slight issue with one of our boxes.

    Its a cPanel/WHM Linux 7.2 machine.

    We have a /home2 directory where all the users files are located. However, for some unknown reason, you can't make any changes to that mount, you get "Read-only file system" when trying to CHMOD, upload, etc..

    Anyone have any idea what causes this and/or how to fix it?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Look in /etc/fstab and look for that partition. The options should default for rw, unless it specifically is mounted as ro. Change it to rw and unmount and remount it, or just use the remount option (or reboot).

    If that's not it, make sure the attributes are not set to be immutable on the directory (use "chattr -i /home2" to remove any possible immutable attributes). If that doesn't work, post the /etc/fstab here and let us know if any problems you had.
    Robert McGregor
    Email: robertm@(nospam)

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