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Thread: Business Plan!

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    Business Plan!

    HI ALL!

    I have been working on starting a hosting company and I'm to the point now where I need to create a business plan.
    I would appreciate any suggestions as to what all I should include in it. Also, if you know where there are some sample business plans from the industry I could look at to get some ideas for layout and such.


    Jareb Morgan
    [email protected]

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    Have a good look here for guides on what to include in a business plan
    Tommy - Web Host Directory

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    I saw this link some threads ago, check it out:
    Kevin Harris <[email protected]> - The premier forum for hosts, by hosts!

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    A plan? What the hell are you thinking? Why would you want to plan this out? Seriously of all the things a respectable business person could do!

    Good Luck.

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