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Thread: Php???

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    Why do people sometimes use PHP rather than html??

    What is PHP?? Is it something like cgi???

    Please give me some good sites on PHP... Thanks a lot!

    (I am a newbie)

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    PHP is a server-side programming language whereas HTML is a client-side markup language.

    For more information on PHP, you can visit its excellent website at
    justin 'at'
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    Re: Php???

    Originally posted by Wholesale
    Please give me some good sites on PHP... Thanks a lot!
    This one
    Josh Powell.
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    Skimpylink - Not as tiny as some but much cuter!

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    286 - free automatic linking to your website

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    Very good general example of PHP use:

    You have a form on a html page. Send (POST) the content over to a PHP page to manipulate it. You can't do much with the content if you post it to another HTML page.

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    HTML is static, like word documents. PHP allows you to build applications that interact with the user and/or a files, other applications, databases etc. PHP is a real scripting language whereas HTML is basically just a set of formatting instructions.

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    PHP is used for dynamic pages, versus static pages.

    Think of a page that has many thumbnails of images. When you click the image, you get the enlarged version. Now, suppose you have 1000 images. With only HTML, you have to create 1000 pages for each of the images. When you want to add more images, you need to create more HTML pages.

    Using PHP, you create one script that gets the images from the database. Whenever you want to add new images, you simply update the database. The script will take care of the rest on its own.

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