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    Programming own Windows CP (.net)


    This may not be the correct forum but here goes.

    I am looking at programming my own Windows Control Panel implented in ( i want it do do the following.

    1. Allow the admin to create and manage websites as well as the system handling automatic signups.

    2. Allow users to manage their own website and perform actions such as installing frontpage, adding FTP logins etc.

    I have been programming for a good few years and have a good years and can pick up most concepts fairly quickly.

    I have no problem in implementing the non-automation part.

    The problem I am having is this.

    How do I allow users to for example (if they are allowed to have 5 sites) create new sites, as this requires a (windows) account with higher privileges, I can't use Impersonation as this requires that I change the security model which i don't want to do.

    Also am I on the right track with implementing new signups - I am thinking of having the signup scipt put the details into a SQL database then I would have a Windows service installed that would check the SQL table and action new signup requests (e.g. create the website, add user, add mail), then it would email the user with their login information.

    I know there is a tool from microsoft called webadmin but this uses Active directory which I don't want to install.

    Anyway, thanks for reading - any help on the subject would be most welcome.


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    All I can say is good luck, We started to look at doing a simular thing. However after looking at the work involved and cost we decided against it. Have a look at Helm ( it will be released in December sometime.

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