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    Not to bad. The only thing is maybe to something unique....looks just like every other gaming site on the net. I cant put my finger on it...but maybe a little bit of flash somewhere? someone tell him what you think would be a good idea..

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    It looks like you average ordinary PHP Nuke Website. Anyway you can edit it that would be great!
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    I have change something in the remove borders.

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    I really do not like the green. Hurts me eyes it does.
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    It's not bad.. Making a php-nuke site that looks original isn't an easy task .. work to make it original looking.. and the green on black hurts my eyes well... it's 12:15 here so maybe its not the colors.. erm i dunno.. GL

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    Well it is not that green

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    I like it, it's okay. Like it's been said before - not terribly unique, but what PHP-nuke site is?

    The shaky banner has to go. Ebay one is fine.

    Spelling and grammar check - if you want any of your users to be older than 15 and keep coming back.

    Borderless is neato though.


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