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    We Want your Input

    We just redesigned our site and want to know what you think. Visit and tell me what you think.

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    Some suggestions:

    - Get rid of the yellow! It's very uneasy on the eyes.
    - You might want to include more information about your company. I would never sign-up with a host that didn't inform me of what networks they're on, how long they've been in business, etc.
    - Create an actual contact page. It looks unprofessional to have a "contact us" link lead directly to an e-mail address IMO. In addition, some people don't have e-mail programs. So, if they clicked on the link, I don't believe anything would pop-up.

    Finally, you may want to re-word that introduction paragragh. - Does it really need 4 links that lead to the "sign up" page?

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    Get rid of the yellow! It's very uneasy on the eyes
    When I first read that, I thought how bad could it be...BAM Stronger than the sun!

    I agree with Synthetic's comments. Adding to it, all the site is is text. You need some imagery/graphics to balance it out. Yes, if you want to gain customers you need a professional appearence. You also need your copyrights.

    I get certificate errors on the sign up page.

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    Whoa that yellow is bright!

    Definitely change the color. Other than that, it looks fairly alright. Maybe that page requires a bit more content.
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    Looks very plain. Mostly text in multicolored tables. I would work on a layout with some graphics to get a more professional looking site to get the serious customers.
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    I would just start from scratch. It's not that there's anything horrendous, but that there's not enough stuff there to recommend anything or improve on.

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    Thank for your replies

    Thank you for all your replies. I am still checking this post. If you see a thread that says get rid of the yellow the person doesn't have a messed up computer, I took their advice and changed the color.

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    538 and mod some of those around to work for your site. You wont sell to many accounts with a text based design. No offense but people like that professional look. Sad thing is sometimes the host with all the flash stuff get the customers and yet they are not good host just good just spice it up a little i guess.

    Hey lol you asked for our got them...

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    I think people like a more modular, ergonomic look these days, or something with action - even in still photo clipart. Setups like yours only work for portal sites due to the info/space avail. density. Check out some of the sites of the people who have posted above. That should give you a couple of directions to go.

    Here are a few unorganized thoughts, not meaning to be demeaning
    You'll definitely want to organize your sign-up page a bit to line things up. Your online control panel banner doesn't fit with the scheme. You have plan#4 and plan#1, and not in order. Your grammar could be cleaned up a little (although I've seen worse on some pretty successful sites). Why does 'fast and reliable hosting' take you to the sign-up page? You may want to have a TOS to cover yourself, and some kind of info as to what you do with their email address when they sign up for your newsletter (not to mention what they will get in it). Why is it ***adoo? Dean Lopato: [email protected] owns ***

    Although, it really depends on your target audience. They are the ones who will ultimately decide.
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