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    Support and Sales

    Support and Sales
    We have been in business for 3 years and most of our clients are offline users. We are in need a support and sales person. Although there are currently no problems with our support, we are looking for some more staff to help us while we are not on computer.
    You will be expected to solve problem once in a week or sometime when I'm on vacation or away.
    Also we can tell you how to get clients, if you can get client, you will get 15% commission, we already have billing software build in for that. We maintain a big community on the web and if you can only reach them via email you can get many clients.

    We would pay some money via paypal(initially per support) and possibly 2 hosting accounts(one for yourself and 1 you can sell someone).

    We use Cpanel for linux and Hsphere for Windows. CPanel knowledge is a must. PHP/Perl/MySQL/apache/ftp/email etc is a big plus+.
    Other timezone is ok also. Please email me your skill,experience, time available on computer and which packages do you want.
    We are based in New York.

    SJ Innovation

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    How much are you talking per incident? Also, is this slated as only minimal part time, or could it grow into more?

    Thanks in advance...

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    depends on how critical it is also.. contact me if you like to talk more..

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