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Thread: Name Server?

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    Question Name Server?

    does your name server(s) have to be a registered domain name?

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    either this is a really stupid question, or no one knows the answer!

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    Lol, yes they must be a registered domain name that you own as far as I know...

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    you register like then you have to register as a name server, usually the registrar will have this option in their control panel or something
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    so, you register as the domain name, which will be the nameserver, then you assign as your nameserver for this domain? correct?

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    Yes, and you must create the nameserver with your registrar.

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    right, but I don't register do I?

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    Originally posted by JDMundo
    Or go here:
    now I am confused...there is a special registration for nameservers?

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    okay, now I understand.

    I register as a normal domain, then in a special section I make that domain a nameserver where I add the IP.


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    Yes, there is a special registration for a name server. Just assigning a sub domain of ns1 wont be enough. You will need to register with an associated IP address with your domain registrar (usually free) so that it can be listed as a name server, and the other name servers in the world can communicate with it. If it's not registered any domains you host using that name server wont show up.

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